15 days after launch, still not playable, cant wait till it reaches a month (ERROR 2006)

ERROR 2006 seems to be the new trendy error for the game.

100% of the time

crashes after I try and load a character a couple times getting that error

can any any fatshark forum person tell how that’s acceptable? how me paying for game is an excuse for it to not work over 2 weeks after its come out

cant attach the log files, due to an error with the forum so thats great, and the crashify thing crashes when i save the crash report LOL!

EDIT: i hate that i cant just hit escape to skip the cutscene but now have to hold space


:frowning: I’m doing all I can to bring attention to these errors. Would you like me to help you with a refund?


God this is just sad… Why did this get released in this state…

I wouldnt have a reason to complain and post bug reports, so no :smile: