Highly Recommend you go read the Magnuson Article

Fatshark Design manager Victor Magnuson believes that the design problems have been vanquished and everything is fine. He’s pleased with the game and it’s reception.

So I guess that’s all folks. Dead game.


47% positive recent reviews on steam and going down week by week. Magnuson must’ve been taught by the one and only Roundhead Johnson!


but literally no one is saying darktide is a good game lol


pleased with losing 40% of players in the first few months? Interesting take on “successful”


It’s completely normal for a game to loose the majority of the player base rather quickly after launch. People want to try new things and only the minority that are going to stick with the game for a long time stay.

What is not normal is so much negative reviews, that is, the majority of the players were unhappy with the experience or with large enough parts of it to state their discomfort.


An interview is a PR stunt.

On one hand he does appear delusional, and people reading that article are being lied to.

On the other hand, he couldn’t say “yeah the game has issues we could’ve done better” if the point is to make an advertisement.
It is an interview published in a third party medium, and as such it wasn’t meant as a community announcement. It is more of a message for the shareholders.

If that message were on these fora or on their site and linked by their twitter/instagram etc., then it would be an official statement to us and then it would be intolerable.


The best strategy would have been not to do this interview.
Fatshark is coming off as genuinely delusional. Perhaps they truly are?