Steam reviews situation

Steam reviews are the last thing i read about a game ever. :smiley: Mostly because when its an overflow of negative comments these are just people that getting riled up about the smallest shred of gameplay/design that they not like and build the complete review about this one little thing and Positive comments are mostly “I like the music and the Characters are funny”

Steam reviews are the worst place to look for an honest review tbh, because between the the half-assed reviews some people write is sometimes a good review between, i am not denying that, but this often gets spammed away by cry-babies or over hyped bois

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Touché (it’s 336h now for anyone reading).

It would be dumb to really expect ALL negative reviews to come from 100+ players and vice versa.

True… but then what’s the point in stating it? Besides it doesn’t even seem to be that strong of a trend: Majority of the negative reviews (filtered by most helpful) seem to be sub 100h to me. So I am left guessing: What’s your point?

Honestly, idk. I am not trying to achieve anything with this post (trying to achieve something in 2k18, lol). I just find it funny.

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Yeah, we get it. You’re on a weird crusade to ‘prove’ the game is terrible.


It takes them that long to notice faults imo. Once you hit that amount of played time and see thing like; not having any green dust, but having 500 blues. Losing on Legend because of things spawning on your head. It can get a bit frustrating and people are venting through reviews.

I think with the effort you can clearly see the devs putting into the game, it’s unfair to start downvoting a game you’ve enjoyed over a hundred hours of.

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Let me answer that by giving a couple of my own quotes from different topics.

The game if far from being terrible. The gameplay is fun. The core is great. Despite minor problems here and there, I’ve had so much joy leveling up all the characters. But the lack of endgame progression makes me depressed.

Also, this might come as a surprise to you @BizarreSalp, but the world is not divided into black and white. Suddenly, everything has something good about it, but something bad as well. And the bad parts do not contradict the good parts, and vice versa.

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Yes, I noticed your massive list and even read through it. But those are both backhanded compliments, which also didn’t escape my notice. And wanting to change so many (even some core) aspects of the game makes it seem a lot less like you actually enjoy the game, and that you want it to be something else entirely.

Only section 5 there is dedicated to core changes. Other things are just little tweaks, that are supposed to make peoples life more comfortable.
As for the compliments, they are completely sincere. But think whatever you wish. As if I care.

Just found this funny video. :joy:

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I approve of your rat horde…Although… You would think on the FS Forum, they would have a specialized emoji for a Skaven clanrat or storm vermin or somthing :stuck_out_tongue: I DEMAND A STORMVERMIN emoji!


:rat: :skaven: yes, yes

It’s more like:

And it actually happened to me right in front of the skittergate, after all my mates had just gone through it.
Pro tip: don’t be the last to enter the skittergate.

Regarding Steam reviews, mine is still positive even after more than 100 hours (and counting).
Writing negative reviews as a form of protest feels wrong and just harmful.


I thinks it’s called “fighting for your rights” or “a strike”. Something along that line.

I understand what you are trying to say, I just don’t think a Steam review is the way to accomplish that.
Like burning down a MacDonald’s as a protest for the price of train tickets.

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Yea, but it will only get People to not buy, ergo the Devs will lose money, ergo the Devs need to fire people to hold the lights on, ergo Patches come even more rare if ever

EDIT : When the Game would be out for lets say nearly A YEAR and nothing has changed, okay - Than they deserve the bad rep they get, but … well a nearly two months is nothing. And People already expect DLCs and stuff

EDIT 2 : I played a lot games, where the Community wanted more Content than bugfixes - So the Devs delivered more content on a more frequent basis - with that, more bugs come in, so they start complain about the Bugs, the Devs start to fix the bugs … and the Community start to complain there is no Content … Hell i dont envy game devs tbh :smiley:

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Count me in. When do we start?!

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We have already lost more than 50% players, maybe 2/3 already, and both of that since devs can’t make TWO changes, both of which require 20 MINUTES MAX. They can make any quest systems the want as long as they want, but right here right now there needs to be done a green dust fix, and a bad luck compensation system. And tripling droprates would be nice too.
These changes can be remade later, they can be reversed when the quest system kicks in, if devs desire so. But some solution should be made NOW.
And no, people actually reject DLC until the game is out of alpha state.

Yeah, blindly following community demands is a bad thing. But ignoring feedback is worse. There needs to be balance.

I’m at the jaded post-100 hours stage and I’ve decided to give the game a good long break until some big changes hit.

I certainly got my money’s worth (even having bought several copies of the game), but I feel the issues that kept V2 as merely a good value game and not a really great game were many bugs and imbalances that could have been rooted out before release with a few solid weeks of playtesting.

I was able to look past those flaws but my friends couldn’t, and with V2 being a co-op game it really doesn’t have mileage for me without good company. With lackluster patches and minimal communication from the devs I can’t truthfully tell them the game is close to being fixed, and even the “friends” I made in pubs have mostly dropped from the game now.

Best of luck to fastshark and the remaining community.

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Ok I’ll bite, what TWO CHANGES that would take 20 MINUTES MAX are you accounting responsibility for the entirety of the decrease in playerbase from?

As far as the 100h + people writing bad reviews we need to consider this:

There are many people out there whom have a obsessive compulsive need for completeness. For people like that, RNG loot drops like the ones in this game must be a nightmare. This likely leads to many of these people writing bad reviews. But I think this is more of a psychological issue of being unable to complete something rather than an actual dislike of the game.

It is important to be able to accept that you cannot have everything. However, many people are unable to do this.

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