Vocal obsessives ruining reviews

VT2 is the most fun I’ve had in a long time. Absolutely awesome action in a magical beautiful world. A masterpiece, despite some bugs you can choose to overlook and still have a blast.

Steam ratings have apparently been driven down by obsessive types. People who care so much about the game that they can’t tolerate imperfection. And so obsessives are discouraging potential new players, and thus discouraging further development and content. The frantic vocal minority of obsessives is harming that which they love. A self-fulfilling prophecy.

How about you just enjoy the phenomenally fun game and accept that video games are not always perfect to your taste and you don’t have to score like j_sat to enjoy the experience. Original Nintendo games used to cost 40 bucks and idiosyncrasies were accepted, players weren’t spoiled and they had fun. You spend 30 bucks on 200 hours of entertainment and then complain? Going to the movies three times–six hours–costs more than that.

Somebody posted stats showing declining user base after release. I don’t follow such things, but that sounds like what happens when a movie is released. The casuals have some fun and move on; the die-hards settle in.

I was hooked on Counter-Strike Source on and off for a decade. I hope VT2 endures. I just want twice the maps. Double the discipline! I’m happy to pay for them. I’d buy VT3 sight unseen as well.


You at endgame yet?

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I’m at about 130 hours, with 600 power Salty and Bardin.

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I never get those types, playing a game 500 hours in 2 months and then not recommending it.


There are a lot of really major issues, some of which you won’t feel unless you have everything leveled. I did nothing but fawn over VT2 for my first hundred or so hours then the paint started to peel and you could see the rotten wood underneath. I changed my review from postitive to negative for very good objective reasons and I’ll change it back if/when those reasons are dealt with.

@Khelgar You can play a game w/o being able to objectively recommend it to others. Just because one sees a game’s potential doesn’t mean that game’s current state is worthy of praise w/o criticism. Also, most of the issues people have with games like that manifest in endgame or directly affect endgame players, hence why you sometimes see people with the most hours with criticisms. Yes, sometimes it’s silly but I’d be careful dismissing it. It’s better to say “don’t play this yet” than to encourage people to play it when there’s a ton of problems that can/will ultimately drive them away.


There are also a plethora of complaints about EasyAntiCheat.

I share that complaint.


To add another to this melting pot of opinions - I agree with the abysmal review score the game has, but the actual reviews make me want to bash my skull in. Nobody seems to care for what I care about - even though the game has largely failed to reach any of my expectations.

Point is, this thread is just for OP’s venting because all of us have so many PoVs on this that a voice here or there changes nothing - especially if instead of giving, uh, feedback (yeah right thats what this forums is for… not that anyone can tell) on issues you find troublesome, or leaving a positive thread (things no one has done since the beta ended), you’re saying you have a problem with people’s opinions.


Post-release patches generally weren’t a thing back in the day either, extensive testing was done instead to assure a complete product upon purchase, DLC wasn’t a thing either. These days a lot of games do pre-releases and BETA’s and early access or whatever you want to call ‘‘outsourcing QA testing to players to save money.’’

I generally don’t have an issue with this outsourcing given that enough time passes to truly make the game live up to expectations and not go through a repeated treadmill upon release. That said it’s important to point out that there’s definitely been far FAR worse offenders in the game industry, but some of the major bugs that came out when VT2 launched were just to frown about and knock your head on the desk to.

Thankfully some worst-offenders have been addressed but to ensure smooth gameplay repeated feedback is necessary. You can have fun without winning a match, but the odds have to be ‘‘fair’’ and you shouldn’t die because your hit did not register due to a flaw in coding, whether it’s your coding design or coding philosophy that has some issues there it probably needs looking at when you reach such a point.

You are also not meant to face game-breaking issues where the game faces you with projectiles being vomited at you through walls and so forth.

I realize how it can seem to someone that doesn’t put much time into a game but having the community there to help balance the end-game is generally what you want unless you can assure a good experience straight off the bat as a designer or have a clear design philosophy that you lay out to the players.

Personally I’d love to recommend this game to friends but I don’t want them to deal with a lot of the bugs I’ve dealt with along the way. Once those are addressed and it’s just the game itself that mercilessly kills you then I’ll HAPPILY recommend this to all my friends!


I’m just putting my thoughts out there. I see the post as positive feedback.

My problem is not so much with peoples’ opinions, it’s with people who care about the game using negative Steam reviews to try to influence development. Because that harms the game.

I dunno, maybe negative reviewers really see their issues as deal breakers, but to me the game is so fun it’s hard to imagine not enjoying it.

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This is true, especially if they only highlight the poor sides; at the same time it’s not in poor taste to warn players about a potential mixed experienced related to bugs/crashes/errors and whatnot.

At least the game is quite decently playable, especially when you get a group that can weave around the awkward immersion breaking moments, and performing well above the scandalous EA design levels…

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Have you considered the fact the people are just unhappy about the state of the game?

I also blame Steam and its simplistic yes/no review system for this. There’s no room for “mixed feelings” or “average” there, unless you actually write it out in the text. Which doesn’t show up in the overall score. This is likely to encourage those who have some gripes with a game, even if they see potential, to post negative reviews, either as protest or because there is no real alternative. It’s one reason why I put little weight on Steam score.

And of course, nothing forces you to put anything actually relevant in the review. “It has EAC, so it must be bad!!!”

They may well be. But posting negative reviews as protest, thus pushing away potential new players and so discouraging the devs to keep working on the game, is not the solution.


Nor is pretending everything is fine, and I’ve got to say, when folk who invested hundreds, some over a thousand in V1, the ones who made V1 sell well by word of mouth, are already tired of V2 not even three months into its release because of problems related to crafting, balancing and what is taking priority as well as game performance, you have a problem.

I’m pretty sure, at least those who browse this forum, care for and want V2 to have a healthy playerbase. I know I do, and I’ve left a negative review on steam for many reasons were I say you’re better of waiting and buying V2 a year into its lifetime, because a lot of problems will by then (maybe, hopefully) be solved.


Encouraging people to play a broken game doesn’t help either though. I’d argue that’s worse, in the long run, than earnest negative reviews.


The problem is with Steam review system. People who change their review after 200+ hours are like those people in a restaurant who eat 90% of their meal, leave less than a mouthful then complain. OF course you can do this but it’s just not nice behaviour really in my opinion.

I think once you’ve made a review it should stand and shouldn’t be able to be edited. This might make people a little more considered when writing their review.

I play every day and have loads of fun, although I have dropped down to veteran as I get so frustrated by being killed by something buggy that Champion+ makes me rage. I’d like another hat too please.

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More comparable if the meal was advertised with free drinks, but you got none.

People do have genuine reasons to feel a bit cheated, it isn’t all about bugs, performance and balancing issues.


OP Joined 8 hours ago to post a worthless thread complaining about others having valid complaints. Wouldn’t be surprised if it was one of the vocal sub-reddit crowd going anon to detract from the issues this game has.


Actually I posted out of shock that Steam reviews had fallen since last I checked. Because I’m having such a good time with the game. And my read is that some players get immersed in the 0.1% minutia and forget the 99.9% awesomeness. It bothers me that that could diminish the player base. That’s all. I don’t reddit. I played VT2 a few hours today and had a great time, despite a couple soyboys preening their shabby down feathers on the mic.


I really wish this was the case, DLC was not a thing only because the needed transfer rates could not be achieved and the internet really was not always a thing. Unfinished or badly tested game have been occurring on PC’s and occasionally on consoles since the industry started. google searches will find them…

Or even just updates:

I’m just pointing out that there is no such thing as “the good old patch free days” and that I think of myself as a fairly hard core fan, so all of my (and by extension anyone posting here) opinions are not the opinions held strongly by the casual player… I think of us this way because I don’t post forum threads about many of the games I play, I have to like it beyond a certain level to come here and post.

I won’t leave negative feedback on a game I’ve spent hundreds of hours in… I may mention the things that irritate me but I would point out how much time I had spent in game to find those things irritating. Oh and as for early access… well thats a warning bell we know what it means, it’s always going to be painful and we do not have to sign up for it. :frowning:

After all of that however, Your opinion is your own and I won’t dispute or disregard your feelings about the game, Good or Bad.

99.9% of NES and SNES games are filled with bugs. They are just not game breaking in most cases. Back in the days it was more about making a game well enough, without it crashing all the time. Talking about bugfree games is a falacy. HOWEVER! Most game companies (except EA) tried to make them well enough to not having to patch it later. Just look at Ultima 8 where they actually sent out a patch on floppy to fix most of the issues. Nowdays it seems like many companies sees a bug and think “Meh, I’ll fix it later” because it’s so easy to send out updates.

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