Steam Ratings: From 87% to 45% in two weeks

Yes. Because chaos is very homogeneous and orderly…

I’ve got the same feeling. I’m a project manager for big complex design & construction projects in my day job. Every so often you run into someone on the design team or the client that’s in a position of power/influence and they just have a terrible idea that they insist on ramming down everyone’s throats. It usually doesn’t end well when everyone is telling them “don’t do this.” Similar situation here.


Well, I don’t know, man. If you mean lore-wise they’re not new, I will agree, cause I don’t know lore that much.

I just say how they feel to me in game, and they do feel like something new, something I have to adapt to, to learn new things to overcome, et cetera, et cetera.

Beastmen feel like a half-assed faction to me. Only special is a banner guy. They have a single map which isn’t very inspiring in the first place.

What I would pay for in a DLC: Have 4-5 maps following a campaign, including a final lord which would do several things:

  • Introduce Beastmen as a true faction and put them on par with Chaos and Skaven
  • Satisfy the demand for new maps.
  • Make the DLC clear in what it offers instead of having to separate Cataclysm into it to increase its value proposition.

Man, I’d love more specials for beastman. And more elites too. They kinda have a quirk of having unique trash, though (archers, ungors with their spears). Also wouldn’t mind at all if Chaos had other elites, aside from two kinds of fat guys.

I also do wish for new maps to be introduced, as kind of a freeLC, to raise WoM appeal in the public eyes. Heck, I even wish FS added third map to Bogenhafen, unlikely as it sounds %-)


Low rating on both main game and the lame excuse of a DLC is both well deserved.

I played V1 beta, I played V2 beta, I’ve bought copies for friends - well that ended a long time ago.
May this ship crash and burn, hope your new fanbase works out for you, lots of us clearly aren’t a part of it given the direction of WoM. Though be warned, people who are drawn in by cheaterboards tend to be rather rude. :slight_smile: And I sincerely doubt you’ll get so much leeway when it comes to QoL which this game has zero of.

In the meanwhile, I’ll enjoy the trainwreck that is WoM. :rofl:


Well, one thing - I have no big issues wiping out chaos patrol pretty much solo (OK, I have to concentrate hard and not make dumb mistakes) . Kiting boss during a horde? No problem.
But beastmen horde during dark section on Hunger in the Dark? Blammo, wipe. Maybe should have tossed the bomb… Don’t know. But the fact is, they rolled in in hyperdensity, filled all available space and just then landed 10 hits in 0,5s, game over.
As I’ve said, normal game is fine, sans beastmen. They are a huge difficulty spike compared to anything else. And that horde could have been supported by banner boi. GG.
In the open, with good visibility, and 4 decent players - they are manageable. But add some other difficulty factors (in that case - 0 CC characters, and 2 horrible players - guy played for 1/3 of the map, dealt 1000dmg, received 700, the other quit but was similiarily good) and it’s a wipe.

Guys the main thing to do to have “fun again” ist just to understand the new combat mechanics (when and why block/attack and whether hard/lightattack, positioning, groupplay, arrow save for specials (not trashmobs which u may safekill on way and even getting tHP for it), surfing hordes with mates and so on).

I think around 90% of the players didnt do so far… still hunt for green circles and so loose and loose on legend or above (my experience on legend and cata QP runs), because theyre running forth, shooting arrows for everything but not specials, fight alone and so stupidly die alone.
As soon as you/they understand the mechanics, then youll/theyll find them much more realistic and overall better than the old and lame left klick+dodge style (why? Because its much more fun to use a few more buttons in current situations)

Change your playstyle, make V2 to a game it sould be (COOP!!!-Hack+Slay). Learn how to fight and win together and forget about the “Iam the Superprogamer and can handle all alone”-styles.
Then I promise that youll have great fun on Legend and above again, when you can say: “Weve won, because I (and maybe others too) showed great Teamplay and fought together”!

So in order to have “fun” again, I HAVE to have a static group of friends, make them train and get good with broken mechanics. Meaning random games retain a 75% failure rate because a single good player cannot account for the skill level of random players.

Meanwhile, we need to be SO good at the game with tactics and personal play style, to overcome game breaking bugs, unfair enemy conditions, and even worse, map conditions. Narrow hall ways with no room to kite or dodge, low lighting areas, walking over rocks that mess up your aim but you will trip and get stuck on a tree root, enemies clipping into each other creating a meat wall of attacks you cannot block, knocked over enemies that still block your pathing making it impossible to get out of being surrounded, silent special spawns, silent patrol spawns, silent everything spawning literally on top of players with no bell/horn blast warning.

PLEASE, show me in a video, just how good I need to get, in order to overcome the current state of affairs. Then I will show you that a grand majority of us who have 500+ hrs in, just how much we don’t care to make that kind of effort anymore.

There’s no sarcasm or mal intent here. I really want to see how good we have to be in order to succeed now. Then I’ll determine if I can be bothered. If my friends gives the time of day, I’ll always play. But as it stands, soloing and QP is a pointless endeavor.


But I used my playstyle because I enjoyed it, not because it was optimal. It was good enough, but I never pretended it was the “best” way to play; it was just the most fun to me.

My core issue with the game right now is that fighting alone feels bad (though whether because of design or bugs I cannot say), and fighting clustered up as a team trivializes the content and is just plain boring.

Quite frankly, I don’t care at all whether I win on the maps or not at this point, as I have all the loot I could ever want already. I care if the combat is fun. And it’s just not right now.


Fighting alone is just as hard now as it should be. You already got it, that youve to avoid that fact if possible (mostly it is) to be successful.

But why is fighting in Team boring for you? Is it maybe too easy that way?!.. what would be hard for me to believe. Especially on Cataclysm its really cool to fight mass of hordes as symbiotic team with guys who look out for teammates to protect and banners to destroy. THATS what fun is to me. Boring was pre WoM Legend, which a very good player with the right (or even every) char could easily handle alone. Now you cant. And that feels right, not wrong to me!

Dude few days ago (before I got the new aggro-and-fighting-mechanic) I thought a little like you. To need a well trained premade. But you dont!
You just need to do the few things I have written. You dont need hyperaimingskill or a reaction like a fly… you just need to watch mobs and think about why they do, what they do :wink:

And y… the bugs are annoying, but do only a small amount if loosing.

That’s just, like, your opinion, man.

Yes. That’s what I meant when I said it trivializes the content. Maybe it wouldn’t on Cata, but it definitely does on Legend. (I’m not going to spend money on WoM when 2.0 isn’t even good, so I have not played Cata.) I played a map last night & had a good group that was fighting “properly” as a team and we steamrolled the map harder than I ever remember steamrolling a map before 2.0.

The re-tuned combat is way too easy when you’re fighting “properly” and is fickle / grindy when you’re separated. Fickle because there are lots of cheap hits maybe due to old bugs resurfacing, or maybe due to the enemy tracking changes. Grindy because you have to kite a lot more to get any chance to counterattack safely, and that really slows down the pacing.


So as follows

  • The game has changed so learn how to change
  • Learn to play
  • You’re all playing the game wrong
  • Learn to have fun

That’s everything, right?

So answer this question
Was pre 2.0 VT2 bad?


I definitely feel like all the valid points and complaints a lot of people have made thus far has been glossed over and ignored, and that the only true solution is being politely (or otherwise) told to “get gud.”

Again, I would love to get good. By all means, show me how. I didn’t even start ranting about the constant random game crashes. The game crashes randomly when I’m fixing loadouts in the inventory screen, let alone part way into a map.

My rig is built specifically for graphic intensive games, and all the crash reports suggests a memory leak. Of the 100+ games I own on steam alone, this is the ONLY game that crashes for any reason, VT1 has NEVER crashed for me, what’s different in VT2?

As far as these changes, here’s an analogy. Everyone’s car is suddenly recalled by their manufacturer for an “upgrade.” Everyone’s automatic transmission vehicles are brought in, and what the customer receives back is a vehicle that is now manual transmission. So now everyone has to learn to drive manually, on top of which, the changeover causes important car functions to…stop functioning, and you have to bring your car back to the mfr for repairs on a weekly basis to fix unintended side effects.

But we should just shut up and get good at driving, because that’ll solve everything right?


If you have genuine consistent occurrences of bugs, post them in the bug subforum with screenshots, videos, diagnostic reports, etc. The vast majority of complaints outside of the bug subforum revolve around the game being “too difficult”. That is a purely subjective statement and is going to be met with criticism from anyone who thinks the game isn’t “too difficult” because they have adapted to the changed mechanics. As far as your specific issues with frequent crashes, the only thing I can suggest is disabling mods and making sure drivers are updated.

you’re destroying my mind…
I do post my bugs and crashes in the proper area (for all the good it does). I only mentioned it here as an example of the crap ppl have to put up with. There are entire threads posted on Feedback about bugs and crashes, I didn’t see you telling those OPs to go cry about it in the Bug Report section.

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Why do people keep hearing the game is too hard now when we say the combat isn’t fun now?

The game is too hard is NOT what we mean. What we mean is the combat isn’t fun.


What is it about the feel of the combat that makes it unfun?

Is it chip damage from sources that arent clear?

Or is it the extra hits that everything takes?

What is it? Is there anything that you can stick your finger on?


It’s not exactly surprising that the reviews are bad, when you are essentially paying to have your product worsened.