Steam Ratings: From 87% to 45% in two weeks

If you have genuine consistent occurrences of bugs, post them in the bug subforum with screenshots, videos, diagnostic reports, etc. The vast majority of complaints outside of the bug subforum revolve around the game being “too difficult”. That is a purely subjective statement and is going to be met with criticism from anyone who thinks the game isn’t “too difficult” because they have adapted to the changed mechanics. As far as your specific issues with frequent crashes, the only thing I can suggest is disabling mods and making sure drivers are updated.

you’re destroying my mind…
I do post my bugs and crashes in the proper area (for all the good it does). I only mentioned it here as an example of the crap ppl have to put up with. There are entire threads posted on Feedback about bugs and crashes, I didn’t see you telling those OPs to go cry about it in the Bug Report section.

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Why do people keep hearing the game is too hard now when we say the combat isn’t fun now?

The game is too hard is NOT what we mean. What we mean is the combat isn’t fun.


What is it about the feel of the combat that makes it unfun?

Is it chip damage from sources that arent clear?

Or is it the extra hits that everything takes?

What is it? Is there anything that you can stick your finger on?


It’s not exactly surprising that the reviews are bad, when you are essentially paying to have your product worsened.


I don’t want to re-type everything here, but you can check some of my old posts:

Here’s the TLDR:

  • Fighting “properly” clustered up with other players and focusing on the same targets together is boring, because stagger bonuses are so strong that it’s trivially easy.
  • Fighting alone is frustrating because you either take a lot of chip damage that feels unfair, or you kite/defend for so long waiting for a safe opening that the pacing of combat feels terrible.
  • I think I don’t like the changes to tracking through dodge for horde enemies, but it’s possible that the enemy behavior I find annoying and cheap has more to do with bugs.
  • Level cap increase. It’s possible that some of the pain points would be lessened with 50 extra hero power, but that change by Fatshark is unacceptable. They don’t get a pass on this. I shouldn’t have to spend 25 hours re-earning max hero power just so that I can properly evaluate all of the characters again.
  • Bugs. So many bugs. It’s pretty much impossible to properly evaluate things when so much of the intended functionality is obfuscated by bugs. It is not even remotely acceptable for a game that was mostly working to be broken so much in an update. 2.0 should still be in an opt-in beta branch, or in internal QA. It is NOT ready for prod.

Let me explain how those steam reviews work:
Young Billy think he is born as son of Sigmar and he is raised by his mom like as little god.
If young Billy cannot kill anything with his mindless left click spam even on Catacylsm difficulty
Young Billy will will feel unsatisfied and will put bad review, because dont forget young Billy is god.
Dont tell young Billy to learn to adopt to new situation, he is best player in world in his mind, its never problem in him, if he die like an idiot its ALWAYS other player fault, or developer fault or its faulty game, his mom born him and raised him as god, he must remain the god.

Young Billies pose significant number of customers to evry game on market, if developer goes to fully satisfy them then game is doomed and very short lived, dozens of game alredy perished by that way, if they ignore them its good for game however not good for profit because they are customers, so its always up to devs how they goin to play around, and in same time retain dignity and challange of their game. If you ask me whenever people protest catacylsm always must be cataclysm, even if young Billie gief bad review because he cant complete it.

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Are any of you guys even reading the complaints, or the negative reviews? Most of us are not saying the game is too hard…


Imo the biggest reason why the reviews are bad is because of all the salty old players who found the changes too difficult to adapt to, while those who are still OK with the changes are not bothering to give a review. So far in my experience in discord, most of the people I’ve seen seems to be ok with the changes (aside from weaves, that still needs work). So mostly the only good reviews are from the new players, which from what I’ve seen, are having a blast.

Atm I’ve been playing with the new changes just as before; off to the side away from my team. Only difference is that I’m now taking more damage as I have not yet gotten fully used to the dodge changes, which is entirely my fault. I’ve not noticed too much of a difference in clear speeds other than skaven hordes. Imo those old players who are having a hard time adjusting or feels that the new adjusted difficulty is unfun should just drop down a difficulty level and they’d be back closer to what they are used to.

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I keep seeing people say this. It’s not the same and if it was there would be no issue changing everything back. It is actually radically different and enough people are unhappy with enough of the things that are different to create a fairly extreme response.


Let us discuss how customers expectations work. They buy a product it does not meet their expectations. The customer gets buyers remorse and backlashes with a bad review online.

This isn’t about difficulty, and trying to frame the argument around how good you are at the ‘new’ game isn’t helping. If Fatshark doesn’t meet customer expectations we can expect more ‘buthurt backlash’ and that’s fair. People had to pay to review.


Long post that amounts to “everybody that disagrees with me just sucks at the game”.

Vermintide 2.0 is like taking your Honda Civic in for an oil change and getting a Prius in return.
These forums are like complaining about that not being your car and being told you hate it because you don’t know how to drive.
The patch notes are them realizing that you angrily complaining outside of their office is bad for business and so give you your old tires back and call it a day. Before realizing you’re still there and opting to ignore you, hoping you go away.

Too esoteric?
Was pre 2.0 a bad game?


If you’d actually read any of this discussion, you would see that this has already been addressed and debunked multiple times. We’re not complaining that the game is too hard, and all dropping down a difficulty accomplishes is to make the game even easier and still not fun.


I wanted to jump back in here and draw attention to my original post. ONE point out of many related to the difficulty increase - most notably in legend - which quite frankly is the least of my concerns mentioned.

Yeah, Legend is harder to farm now and requires more team work to breeze through. How much of this is due to bugs vs beastmen balance vs mechanical tweaks is hard to say. I don’t think the mechanical changes themselves are that bad, and combat doesn’t feel all that slower to me outside of beastmen hordes.

More broadly, my post was meant to frame the bigger range of issues, which go beyond the core combat gameplay feeling, into other aspects of the design. Really I think it’s about what fat shark has prioritized and spent resources developing being quite a bit different from what the community has been longing for since release. It’s just frustrating. No better system for cosmetics or improved crafting. No improvement to deeds. New difficulty level paywalled. Weave system that is divorced from the rest of the game. Only 1 map. Reintroduction of old bugs. Many us paid $20 bucks and the needle hasn’t really moved much form the game as a whole.


What’s name do you have for try hard git guders?

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All that has really changed effectively to combat is the dodge changes, slave hordes are tankier (chaos hordes don’t feel that much different because slaves went from mostly 1 hit to 2 hits while fanatics are about the same effectively due to the stagger bonuses), elites/specials are easier to kill, and the introduction of the bestmen (high mass aggressive horde) which probably would be tuned down slightly over time. Or am I missing anything?

I run off meta builds mostly, and if anything combat has gotten more fun and exciting to me (aside from slave hordes, I’d prefer less hp). Fast paced combat with high mobility weapons are still viable based on my experience so far, you just have to be more tight with your dodge/block/push timings, that is all (aside from banners in tunnels…)

The AI Director and individual unit AI both changed quite a lot. Rats are faster, attack faster (aka attack animations are shorter), turn faster, spawn faster, spawn closer to you, make more effort to flank you, make less noise to warn you they are coming (this may be a bug), start running attacks from behind other rats where you can’t see them, and there are more of them.

You know, just in case increasing their HP by 50% and making dodge useless if you have a ping over 50ms wasn’t enough.


How cute.

And both of you forgot cleave and stagger nerfs.


Source? I do know that there has been some changes to the slot system (mainly for elites iirc) and spawns are borked as usual with each new large patch, and sounds are broken again, but otherwise I’m not feeling much difference.

I’m pretty sure you still can ;) But this argument is irrelevant to the issues we have now. Like the fact that you can’t kite few damn clanrats as host on max mobility elf… that is just busted. That is not good change.

They do a lot of broken things, that is what they do now…

We went over this in the other thread :smile: there is so many things … and I wasn’t even talking baout the stagger mechanic.

Or players who can adapt but still quite strongly dislike a lot of changes.

Yea but, I talked to few of those also, those guys have no clue what is goin on, it’s like guy is telling me how he is having a blast in weaves, but when I ask him what weave is he doing … he says 18… well W18 that is comical difficulty wise, you could prolly do solo up to W30 or something, so ofc he is somehow progressing and having a blast now. But he sure as hell won’t be once he hits 25-30-35 or something and gets slaughter 50 times in the same weave and won’t be able to find group… and at that point he will drop it since there is zero replayability. And those new people might not have any reference to how combat worked before so they can’t really complain about that either.

It’s not only dodge changes as in only turning down one dodge window dial from 1500ms to 500ms… it’s many other changes and bugs and then there are other issues that arise from those changes.

In following post I name some of the issues :

And here is follow up on that topic :slight_smile: