Stealth talents should not work against Daemonhosts

Ogryn taunt is fine, however the stealth stuff is very griefy, I don’t really need to say much more.
Specially with Veterans that have 2 charges, they can get two people killed easily. Had this happen a moment ago to remind me such a thing is possible.
The player went out of their way to shoot the daemonhost, stealthed, it went after me. I died eventually, it went after him, they had a second charge, stealthed, another player died.
This is going to become more problematic as time goes on and people are aware of it.

Either it retargets them after stealth is over, or fundamentally should be ignored and they still target them.



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woah hey hey hey, i still want to be able to sneak attack them with my thunder hammer!


I am SO doing this the next time some group of twits gets it into their heads to get abusive. Oh you want to talk crap, grab every single bit of ammo you can while I’m barely squeaking by, and leave me to deal with 2 crushers while you go off hunting down more plasteel? Have fun with the daemonhost. Lets see how well you like a taste of your own crap.

All Hail the almighty Sneaky BONK!

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