Stealth mechanics abuse

I’m encountering more and more griefers that use the Veteran and Zealot stealth skills to grief the party activating hordes and monstrosities and then hiding to make them target the remaining party members.

The absurd thing is that the harder the content the easier it is to find these griefers.

Do not ask for a change to gameplay on the account of the very few select trolls.
There will ALWAYS be trolls in online games. You’ll just have to live with it.

The only thing that could be done is add a report function. Though i extremely doubt fatshark would actually bother to put any workforce to monitor those reports.

I know, I thought of some kind of way to restrict the abuse but it would harm the honest users more than it would restrict the griefers.

I am just pissed off it keeps happening and somehow they can’t be kicked from the game fast enough because they are always in some kind of safe area that disables the kick function, or people don’t notice the kick vote in the middle of all the chaos.

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