Stealth(ing) through Maps

Would be a nice Addition to be able to Stealth through a Mission.
I think this was possible in Vermintide 1 to an extent. If you Snipe Enemies with Headshot and if possible or necessary with Sync Shots, that would be so neat!

Avoiding Pats like in V2, but maybe have the Pat(if there are one) have better Field of View.
This would give the Game another depth in Gameplay and make the Gameplay more varied.

disagree as main feature, but could be a nice level with such emphasis for a change of pace similar to darkness scenes in Blightreaper… and of course would love achievement for bypassing stealth in favor of murdering patrols in epic battle

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I would like to see a possibility to this, not make the Game a Stealth Game!

Depends to which extend, an Ogryn is not exactly a Master of moving silently, but since the main component of VT is unadulterated carnage (BLOOD FOR THE BLOODGOD!) I would agree with CopperBack1, that it could work as a side feature for some maps.

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Well not 100% sure how talkative Ogryns are. Im into 30k for the most part, or as of now. Still finishing Horus Heresy. There were some Ogryns in the Books so far, but not many. No i think only two occasions so far. One of them was the Book with John Grammaticus.

But still, this is not a standard Ogryn, hes a Bone’Ead so hes capable of whole phrases. Also they are very loyal and im wondering already who has his Loyalty on the Heroes side. Probably the standard Guard since it is more likely for them to fight with Ogryns than a Stormtrooper or Psyker. I reckon Ogryns freak out when they see Psykers. But still Bone’eads have implants to make em more Intelligent. So you could tell em to shut up. But they dont talk that much anyways i reckon XD

If they do talk, its more like the Hulk; "Hulk Smash, Hulk throw, Hulk… XD