Add stealth component

So far the game is great, but it’s a lot of run and slash. The game has automatic “hordes” that come after a timed horn blow, meaning total stealth is impossible.
Instead of having the horn on a timer, have:

  1. The horn play during choke point events (e.g. wait for the gate up open).

  2. Have a special enemy character with a battle horn, giving players the option of taking this character out first to prevent a horde and maintain stealth. This will make Kerillian more useful in battle.

  1. Fight or flight: When a group of enemies spots a player, they can either go and fight on their own or one might go run to ring a bell / find a horn enemy. The fight or flight decision will depend on the type of enemies, quantity, where in the level they are, etc.
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I’m not really sure it would be a good idea to have total stealth mission. I mean if they started to develop the stealth component but stopped working on it, we have 0 basic stealth component.

But I’d like to see a hord caller yes ! We need more Chaos special anyway, so a hord caller with a horn and a bow would be really fun :o

haha this is funny. there were other threads that said that the game should reward you for doing more killing. here we have the opposite opinion.

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Not really my thing. Ranged classes are already doing most of the work. Don’t take away my horde grinding fun. Having dark areas like in dungeons would be great though.

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The problem with stealth is the same as patrol.
The one dragging patrol (whatever if he wanted to or not) is going to be heavily blamed.
So any concept relating to stealth gonna get people blamed more if they fail to stat out of LoS.
Hey wait… maybe circle hunter would actually learn and not kill everything they see once they’ve been wiped more by super patrol that require stealth :o

Ok FS give us stealth pls !

Thanks for the feedback! The idea isn’t necessarily to have an entire stealth mission, but make it so that hordes are avoidable with skill. At times the horn blower won’t be able to be taken out quick enough leading to a hord. Just to balance the slashing with some strategy.

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