Let us pass through enemies with stealth

is there a balance reason for not letting us pass through enemies in stealth unlike vt2?


LOL yes, it’s OP AF.
Funny for you to lead with balance since I dare say the only reason to ask for it is because you want to get the great advantage it would bring.

have you played shade/huntsman/ranger veteran? why should shroudfield or any of the other stealth abilities be any different from infiltrate or that games other stealth abilities?


You can tell adding stealth into the game was clearly not tested to the extent it needed to be and it was just added it quickly as filler spots for new class abilities. I do agree they should add this, as it was a thing in vermintide 2 while also vermintide having a much lower enemy density on comparably difficulties. So not only are you boxed in easier in this game, the stealth is also useless to the average player in those scenarios.

So what if a few high level players are able to utilize the strength of it passing through enemies to get out of tough scenarios, that was the case in vermintide 2 and no one said they thought it shoudnt be able to do that. The average player isnt going to all of the sudden be pulling off god level clutches if it gained that strength, and right now its far inferior to the shout to those players because of that


They really don’t like people speedrunning through everything to objective so doubt that gonna happen. Last time they also remove movement speed from stripped down.

And people still could do it without all that sooo.

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No, but I suspect there is a physical reason why two bodies don’t occupy the same space.

the worst part about it is when they’re just standing around you, farting menacingly, and you can’t move because they can’t move. “Well, $%#.”

huh? no, i just want to be able to use it in higher difficulties because there’s always enemies in the way trying to get behind a monstrosity, LIKE IN VT2

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Either way it would still allow easier speedrunning.

You could just clear enemies first before trying to go for monstrosity, or just make sure you don’t get box in by horde. If you’re Vet you could underhand throw frag grenade without breaking stealth and wait for enemy to die from bleed.

A lot of people already could get by even without the ability to pass through enemy.

Man if they are SO upset about speed running why do they just not bring back boss walls, its beyond me, they worked fine in VT2, why are the boss walls gone in this game if they are so uptight and pissed about speed running. Definitely dont think its a valid excuse anymore to say speedrunning is a reason to not do something

this has nothing to do with speedrunning, more to do with jank abilities being harder to use as intended compared to previous games and for what reason?

Because there’s some peeps out there that try to speedrun in pub game and it can ruin the match for a lot of people. See this for example.

Literally almost every update after that have been them trying to add something to stop people from rushing and leaving their team behind.

Player having ability to run through every obstacle that was set up by AI director absolutely have everything to do with speedrun lol

This I cannot answer, only Obesse Fish know.

also I don’t have anything against your proposal, I’d like to have it too, also. At least on Veteran’s infiltrate because it feel like worse version of Shroudfield with longer cooldown and VoC is better pick for defensive option. Not to mention it’s on the opposite side of survivalist aura which will cost already sparse skill point Vet have.

I’ve yet to see a Shroudfield knife speedrunner succeed in a public game. I’ve always seen them die, and the rest of the team is never in a hurry to rescue them.

I’m certain that after a dozen attempt, the speedrunners will just give up because they also want to have fun like the rest of us.

speedrunners :clap: are :clap: not :clap: a :clap: balancing :clap:point.

kick them. they do not belong in pubs in the first place. let privaters go crazy like battle wizard on screaming bell idc just kick the invaders.


I’m not sure it’s the right approach.

I think letting them fail will achieve better results.

Antagonizing them will create different emotions that might interfere with the self-loathing and disgust they’ll feel about speedrunning.

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The votekick UI is so opaque I haven’t initiated it once in my 1000 hours. I don’t even know how.

Speedrunning is one of the least interesting ways to play a video game designed or a challenging combat experience and I am baffled people do it. Go play a hiking simulator if you want to walk all game. Or a racing game if you want to go fast.

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At the moment, I think you can get stuck if an enemy climbs up/drops onto the position you are currently in, and can’t move until the enemy is dead or otherwise moved.

Presumably, such a thing wouldn’t happen for stealth abilities if they have a specific exemption for collision, but :person_shrugging: Not everything goes to plan, as we’ve seen many times already :joy:

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I sort of agree with you, mostly because this is a horde game, so the map is often overrun with enemies, and because we’re often in the lower levels of the hive city, there’s usually very little room to maneuver in the tight spaces, as well as the corridors filled with heretics.
So for an ability based on stealth and maneuverability, it doesn’t really provide much utility in this setting.

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People will always speed run. Speed running isn’t so much as a gimmick, but a culture. The culture was born on OG Doom of all places and SmallAnt is a personal favorite of mine in the speed running community. They have their own forums where they will compete for the fastest time. It’s not going anywhere. You can try to design games where it’s harder to speed run, but that only makes fast times more impressive on their scoreboards.

Stealth in Tide games tends to be OP as it is, I’m not sure if it needs any more buffs.