Invisiblity talents/ult and ghostwalking

Id love some consistency with that aspect. It always feels weird wgeb shade can walk through stuff during ult but huntsman or ranger (even handmaiden with talent) cant.

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I agree with you, but I think there are lore-reasons behind this aspect. The ability to go through enemies is a gift from an elven Goddes (aka Krub is a poor human and Bardin is a poor dwarf :unamused:)

Anyway, as written, I would give some love to Huntsman and Ranger Veteran too.

As soul32 said, there are certainly reasons for the variance - valid reasons. I personally wouldn’t change how it is. However, I think it would be fair to give HK and DR the ability to dodge through enemies during their alts.

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This would be a great solution. It doesn’t “damage” the lore. Elf would still have the best invisibility… But would help RV and HS’ one, during wich, sometimes, you just remain stuck.

This has been mentioned before too:

And I haven’t been the only one either.

For those arguing lore, I wouldn’t bother. Zealot’s dash allows him to walk through enemies for some reason. The game has a lot of inconsistencies and treading a balance between lore and enjoyable gameplay is a natural course of any game like this. I’d rather have it lean more towards satisfying gameplay than it being as faithful as possible to lore and having an irritable time.