Kerillian Shade Lv25 talent, alternative to ''+5 seconds'' suggestion

How would you feel if the 15 second talent instead of 10 seconds was instead a 20-30% speedboost so you can catch-up or outmaneuver enemies? I feel like it’d accomplish about the same but would prevent targets from simply ‘‘running off’’ the moment you enter stealth.


I know it’s been suggested but that’d be a good place for it, imo


I’d much rather have that than the duration. The duration boost just isn’t that useful in most situations. A speed boost would be AMAZING, nothing worse than chasing after the boss watching your stealth go to waste… xD

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I find the duration boost already near-useless. 10 seconds is already a long time to find a striking spot in this game, and no matter the duration, you anyway break stealth as soon as you hit an enemy, and you generally want to do that as soon as possible to keep playing and helping your buddies.

That said, personally I’m not convinced it would still be enough for me to pick the talent. It would make chasing after certain bosses easier, and give a few other, smaller benefits too, but those are things I blame on myself and lack of skills, not the game. Generally a better option than a duration boost that gets wasted in 90% of situations, though.


Love this idea. This would not only be more universally useful but more fun and increase the game’s and class’ tempos.

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I understand, the intent is not for it to be a mainstream talent so much as to provide actual choice in the 25-tier department as I’m quite convinced almost everyone is currently running the CDR one anyway (with a rare few using the stealth-ranged one.)

Yeah I figured adding some more flavour talents rather than timer-buffs/statboosts would make the game a bit more diversified in terms of ‘‘Oh I just had class X do really well and they were using some odd combination of talents but really made it work!’’ rather than your usual choices. My hope is that in the long term they’ll bake in certain statboosts and replace them with more meaningful choices. But that’s long-term.

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