Gift of Ladrielle Talent doesn't have great visual feedback (And Shade kit Rework suggestion!)

The talent: ‘Gift of Ladrielle’ for Handmaiden feels great, but there isn’t a whole lot visual of feedback when using her ult in relation to the talent.
It would be great to have a buff timer in the bottom left showing how long it has left or if you’ve broken it with an attack and screen filter similar (But not the same) to Shades infiltrate wouldn’t go amiss either.
Also using this talent feels closer to what Shade does , eg. Dash in, go invisible and get behind enemies with a spicy power attack. Just a thought! (Oh yeah, also rework shade’s kit to be more stealthy it doesn’t feel great atm)

Edit 1: I just found this gem on another forum post and I love the idea
2.) Make stealth not break unless the timer runs out.
3.) Give bonus stealth timer on special & elite kills.
Seems pretty spicy!

For the Shade, if stealth is to remain up for its duration then the damage bonus while stealth needs to be greatly lowered. Otherwise it will be ridiculously strong.

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