Idea: Give Shade the Dash of Handmaiden + 3 sec invis talent from lvl 25

As of right now the Shade just feels really lackluster. The only place she has on legend is killing Chaos Warriors and that doesnt even work half the time. Using her ability offensivly is suicide on Legend if there is a horde present together with an important target to kill and the Ai turning on you really is a big problem.

Handmaiden with her dash + 3 second invis / Enemies have no perception of her talent can easily dash into a wave, throw 1-2 slashes into the enemy and move back into her teammates without much trouble.

This would just be alot of fun on the Shade: Dash through insert target you want to kill, backstab it, and move back into position.

No thanks. I like to be invisible for 10 seconds, shoot everything dead and then backstabbing a boss or a Chaos Warrior for massive damage.

Too bad thats weak as hell on legend.

Too bad there is only one viable tree for every class on legend.

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