Let us pass through enemies with stealth

Isn’t enemies able to walk through ogrin that stands in a doorway with shield?

Sadly, yes. :frowning:

Ill say it again, bring in the boss walls if fatshark is so upset about speedrunning, boom, instantly solves the problem. Speed running is not a valid balance excuse as there is easy ways to mitigate it

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Yeah… one of those frustrating issues which should be a priority fix. Nevermind a shield ogryn, they walk through you in general and you can suddenly find yourself unable to move.

I would love if stealth could let me reach allies, but in higher enemy density missions it’s impossible sometimes. We need stealth to stop body blocking!

If the game added environmental traps that you had to break to get past then it would stop stealth from speed running past enemies because a player would have to attack a trap and that’ll break stealth.

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Stealth is already pretty toxic, it doesn’t need to become more anti-teamwork.
And yes, “pass through the enemies” is squarely anti-teamwork even if it could be used to rez people in trouble.

I’ve had times where there were multiple trappers on the field, and the ally i was trying to rez was ringed by a single unit deep pox walker squad, and I still couldnt get close enough to rez without breaking stealth ;-;

That’s a skill issue for sure, but it feels really really bad in situations like that where you have to blow open a hole before you can stealth

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