Sprint speed

Sprint speed is too slow, and makes the game feel sluggish. It especially doesn’t feel good for the stanina cost. It doesnt even match the 3rd person animation.

Please increase sprint speed!


100% agree, and the animation looks like you’re running on a treadmill now it’s kind of bizarre. See similar posts on recent dodge nerfs and there’s a worrying trend emerging of Fatshark nerfing the great movement potential and feel they had in closed beta to solve problems that don’t really exist.

If you want players to stick together more make a better tutorial that teaches them about coherency bonus for example - improve the UI to so the same - please stop messing with movement.


I think as more people figure out that you don’t have to, or actually want to sprint into every combat with no stamina, they’ll find that sprinting away from your team is actually really bad. It’ll be a gradual process of players understanding to save stamina to sprint out of a bad engagement, giving them just enough speed to get away from a horde or elite. It’s not meant to be a way to save your team from running off to find grimoires. It’s meant to be a slower game.

I agree about the buff notification from cohesion and nerfing movement entirely though. Giving us less freedom to deal with so many control removing stun mechanics is not going to feel good.

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Problem is the sprint doesn’t feel like a sprint. It is barely faster than walking by default. With a +sprint speed weapon it feels like it should be default.

Sprinting is mostly used to avoid gunfire in combat or to quickly reposition.

Coherency I also do not like right now. The auras are great but the toughness regen being tied to it is really lame. Doing a flanking maneuver or splitting to control a horde is teamwork(ie zealot), but is actively discouraged because you become so absurdly squishy.

There’s even a toughness regen speed stat that I assume will do nothing without being stacked on top of your team.


There are multiple other ways to regain toughness per class. In fact, the coherency based toughness regen is the slowest source at least for a Psyker / Sharpshooter / Zealot.

I am aware. The passive regen however is massively important since it’s ticking 24/7. Without allies your regen is literally 0 outside of feats.

If youre alone youre already very vulnerable with all the disablers and ranged enemies that will surround you, we don’t need 0 passive regen on top of that.

Teamwork is already encouraged by the auras and simply having allies to cover you. Toughness regen being dependent on allies is just way too much imo.

Splitting up is basically griefing


Melee kills restore toughness. Haven’t been having much of a toughness problem as ogryn seperated from the squad since anything within melee range turns to pulp.

HP chip damage and aimbot ranged enemies though…

Honestly? I think sprint should be removed. Hear me out.

  1. Vermintide never had sprinting, and it worked better for keeping people together as you all had a steady pace to move at, minus the odd Kerillian or Sienna running off.

  2. The sprint gage drains faster if you’re using a weapon with less stamina, and also fills faster if you’re using a weapon with less stamina. This has lead to me swapping to a ranged weapon with high stamina to sprint for as long as I can and switching to a low stamina melee weapon to recharge my stamina faster, and it honestly just feels bad.

  3. It only encourages people to sprint. The feature is only really used to speed ahead or get in a slide here and there, and I would rather just have slide be on the sprint key and use up a bit of stamina instead.

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No because sprinting and sliding into cover is fun. Vermintide doesnt have cover to cover gameplay like this game does, so its fine there.

Even in VT2 you’d have GKs run ahead of everyone and get murdered(and their MS bonus is just 10%). Sprint shouldnt get axed because some folk just goof around and get dunked on.

People will stay together because they want to win and teammates improve your odds of winning. We don’t need sprint disabled to accomplish this.

Sprinting could be another resource instead of weapon stamina maybe? I dunno. My first concern is sprint being an actual sprint and not a brisk walk.

I forgot to mention the part where I wanted an increased base movement speed to compensate for the removal of sprint, that was my mistake.

But yeah, an alternate sprint resource would be okay-ish, but the idea is that you can either sprint or block, which is why it uses stamina.

I really don’t have a problem with the stamina cost of sprinting, outside of sprint itself being too slow and therefore not being worth the stamina cost.

Being able to quickly reposition in combat is very important with Darktide’s greater emphasis on gunplay and its also fun to sprint/slide and dodge enemy fire.

Its really just a bit too slow by default. They should just revert it to the CBT movespeed values.

As long as it’s a coherent change, I’m fine with it. Even though I may want it removed, I know it won’t be, and I’m willing to accept changes for the better.

I just played a round with the Veteran at 25 using the Feat that reduces your stamina whilst ADS in exchange for increased Crit and sway reduction. A nice perk on paper but with the current state of movement it felt just dreadful to play whenever I had to switch to melee.

The stamina recharge rate is too slow at base and I shouldn’t need to invest heavily in boosted stamina/sprint stats for this to feel fun. The feat needs a rework and I’ll reiterate my previous feeling that sprint speed is too slow now and base movement speed has been over-nerfed.

Two things:

  1. I kind of like the idea of a slight increase to sprint speed, because it does feel a little like you’re running through treacle at the moment

  2. HOWEVER, you have to be very careful with this. Any buff to sprint speed is a buff to melee, and could make the balance of ranged weapons very precarious. Ranged combat is already in a slightly weak state compared to melee imo, and we already have the zealot with a powerful dedicated gap closer on a short cooldown, not to mention the ogryn charge.

If you make it easier to close gaps, you decrease the value of ranged weapons and sharpshooters, because the team can just zerg and overrun ranged enemies with ease.

Overall, I think sprinting is fine where it is for now, we should see how the balance stands after other changes are made to classes and such.

This is a pretty reasonable take tbh.

I want movement & sprinting to feel faster and crisper like it did in the Closed Beta Test - and it feels especially terrible to have every enemy be able to run faster than you. But you’re right, it definitely would affect the balance a lot and that should be considered more with these kinds of topics.

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It would be fine. You didn’t see players “zerging” in CBT. If you just constantly ran forward in the game right now you would get shot to pieces.

Also sharpshooter is my miles the best class in the game. Much better than the melee classes.

Nah, don’t. One of the best things in Vermintide is the fact that you can’t outrun your enemies, so you have to fight them. Now that there’s so much more ranged combat sprinting makes sense, but you don’t want it to be too fast, or it will start breaking the feel of the game.

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With the sprint speed perk from a weapon you still cant outrun a group of poxwalkers with how much stamina it uses.

I honestly don’t have a problem being shot to pieces, even when playing a sharpshooter with no gap closing ability I can gap close very easily by making some use of the environment to break line of sight or sprint right at them over short gaps. If there is no way to break line of sight, you can just stun them with a grenade while you close.

If you’re playing a zealot, gap closing is trivial, I’ve never not been able to zerg right into the middle of a group of ranged opponents and force them into melee.

Sharpshooter is strong I agree, it could stand to be nerfed - but what you are proposing runs the danger of making ranged weapon usage (not just the sharpshooter) less important, and I just wanted to highlight that.

The entire utility of ranged weapons exists because it shouldn’t be possible to trivially run down strong ranged opposition. Which it is already quite easy to do.

The only time ranged work becomes essential at the moment is to deal with awkwardly positioned snipers and groups of gunners covering open stretches.

EDIT - it’s a good thing that you can’t outrun basic mobs. When things got bad you’d be able to easily kite large groups and slash away at them without much risk. It’d be boring and dragged out. As things stand, you have to fight, and do so with some skill, to survive that scenario. And your downed teammates don’t have to fall asleep watching you kite.

It also directly incentivises you to stay closer to your team, because you can’t just run away to them if you go solo and you get jumped.

Also, this:

If you just constantly ran forward in the game right now you would get shot to pieces.

This is a good thing. This is a hybrid melee/ranged game. I want some pitched firefights in my 40k game. I don’t want to be able to just hold down W the whole game. That is not interesting.

Oods are that is because Sharpshooter has twice the toughness over everyone else. Which is also ridiculous.

Zealot’s charge will indeed get him shot to pieces as he has half the toughness and being shot during his charge will interrupt it. It’s reserved for very specific situations.

A modest movespeed buff is not going to make your bolter useless. Nobody is going to be running across the map, with a horde on their tail, to kill high value targets.

Nobody is going to run up and smack a beast of nurgle either when tou can volley fire and delete half of its health.

Ranged will not be irrelevant with a 15% movespeed buff.

Again, just look at CBT gameplay.