Veterans take 200% Toughness damage while sprinting?

According to the data mining in this video.

If so, it explains so much for me.

Why I can go from having the highest toughness in the group to zero toughness and massive health damage in the blink of an eye. Why your natural inclination to sprint out of gunfire actually gets you killed faster. Why Zealot seems like easy mode compared to every other class in the game.

Fatshark…if you make a mechanic which results in one class taking massive additional damage while using a core movement mechanic you have to tell us this stuff.

This mechanic shouldn’t even exist. It’s preposterous. It’s counterintuitive. It’s unnecessarily punishing. It is the complete polar opposite of the Zealot design philosophy with exactly zero upsides. Why on earth would it make sense for veterans to die faster when sprinting?

If this an attempt to make each career play different, it’s completely hamfisted. It’s probably lead to more “WHAT THE **** IS GOING ON” deaths for me simply by virtue of not being told.

Bonus points for adding toughness damage reduction to sliding, the one mechanic I can flat out say doesn’t feel good and I never use. Making the optimal strategy sprint sliding across the entire map like this is Warframe or something. The Zealot takes 0% toughness damage while sliding. Zero. For a class that already has all the survivability advantages, they can also just take zero.

The punitive, secret mechanics needs to go, like now. The whole idea of every class having wildly different behaviors based on whether they’re sprinting or sliding or how much you nerf their movement speed when their toughness is exhausted, all of this stuff needs to be rethought. If there must be differences, they should be minor. Not “200% more or 100% less get wrekt.”


Yeah, the bonus toughness damage while sprinting as vet and the null toughness damage while sliding for zealots at least tracks with what I’ve noticed in gameplay. I don’t know why FS does the things it does. Some choices are unknowable. I also knew from playing that Zealots had crazy fast stamina recovery but I didn’t realize it was 50% more.

By all means surface these differences to the player but I would rather the current 200 toughness + extra toughness damage while sprinting than 100 toughness with no extra damage.

It suits Veteran’s MO of going cover to cover and firing ranged shots instead of sprinting into enemies. The combat training illustrates this very well by telling you to slide from cover to cover while being shot at.

Having it be at 200 toughness also means you can receive 100 damage before getting any HP bleedthrough damage. If it was only 100 like on Zealot, you would get HP damage on any and all melee hits.


People keep saying that last part but any testing I’ve done shows the opposite. Chip damage starts at 99% or less toughness, regardless of your base toughness numbers.


I don’t think there is a big issue with values itself (maybe other then ogryn since on top of being so big, they get no reduction from sprint/slide or anything, so with only 100 toughness they get shredded without shield, since they are too big for most cover).

What is important here, is this values need to be available in game for people to see. We got all the data for weapons in game, we could really use a “character sheet” with all the bonuses from curios and weapons as well as all these very important but hidden stats. Dodge distance, dodge limits, damage state modifiers, these are all very important info for players to understand.


I have no issue with the Vet’s sprinting modifier being brought down to 100%. I will say though I think these various stats they’ve tweaked for each career is actually a brilliant way to bake subtle difference in gameplay feeling into each class. Conceptually and at least 90% of the execution I am completely in favour of.

My only complaint is that this info isn’t present in game.


To be honest the real question of this kindling is … actually it’s not a question : use sliding.
Actually … this can’t be anything else than trolling when you ponder further upon it.

I mean : “the one mechanic I can flat out say doesn’t feel good and I never use”.


A lot of information in the game isn’t communicated at all. And it’s not even “well, play for an hour and you’ll notice that part” type of info. It’s literal data mined only information. Or at least rigorously tested by a whole discord info.


It’s not trolling. Why create a mechanic that is best used spammed but is also clunky and can get you killed if it’s mistimed? There’s too much friction on sliding and some basic QoL feature like sprinting immediately taking you out of sliding aren’t there. Sliding is marginally useful for getting into cover, and that’s about it.

I dodge all kinds of ranged attacks on my Ogryn and Zealot sliding around. It’s reliable when you get used to it.

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The only thing I hate about the sliding mechanic is the fact that after you slide, you have to manually uncrouch to begin sprinting quickly so you can slide again. In most games, you can interrupt the slide by sprinting so you can keep the momentum going. It’s not like it’s a balance issue because you can still do it, but with extra steps. It just feels extremely clunky and unnecessary.


This is why I changed crouch to hold rather than toggle. I can tap control while sprinting or after dodge and my character will get back up automatically the moment the slide ends. I strongly recommend running toggle sprint and hold crouch for easy sliding.

It’s a hell of a lot more than marginally useful. Anyone can use it to disable tracking of ranged enemies and Zealot can even use it with dodges in melee combat to reliably dodge anything.

It also honestly feels really smooth once you get used to it. Easily my favourite new mechanic and feels incredibly satisfying when you get used to chaining slides well.


Well we wouldn’t wanna overload our players with acutal knowledge now would we?


Just further shows that sprinting in this game is designed as a trap, nothing else. You can’t outrun anything, two out of four classes take increased damage if they sprint, sprinting does nothing to hinder enemy aim, and it uses up your stamina. Aside from being tied to slide to force you to use it, sprinting is actively detrimental. With the current design of the game, sprint shouldn’t even exist.

is the double toughnes , best in game crit rate , or best toughness reagain on meelee kill also simple hamfisted attempts .attempt to make each career play different

well some would say the mobile melee specialist and the veteran sharpshooter were fairly polar in their differences? and the vet does have lots of stats above the average… or do you just not know anything about these base stats?

i agree with that i expect its one of many things on the to do list they never got around to.

have to disagree here i think having differences in core stats and abilities is how you make class’s. and this particular attribute makes total sense to me. the veteran sharp shooter isnt meant to be mobile if he can see it he can kill it. you need to balance that with some hinderence in getting eyes on target , now they could of made it that vets couldnt sprint they instead made it so its a risky thing to do .
i think it does the job and fits the class

while i to would of liked to be told the affects are not hidden anyone whose been hit by a sniper while sprinting on thier vet has observed this in painfull affect. i feel like i should of worked it out sooner


toggle crouch? i ask because i dont have to do that

I only wish you could cancel the slide animation somehow, cause there often is a situation in which I’d like to slide towards and enemy in order to close the distance, but end up out of position, because the distance from which we start of is just short enough to where I end up sliding ever so slightly past him. The fact that enemies can stand inside of you does not help here either.

Please reverse this to Veteran 50% damage reduction while sprinting, at least VS ranged attacks. if nothing else because The Game’s Tutorial ENCOURAGES you to SPRINT out of line of fire!

Please reward us for following the direction of the game instead of punish. Especially since sprinting with stamina has a buff at the bottom of screen. Combined with tutorial direction implications, sign posts to players that they should be managing stamina to sprint out of danger in addition to slide and dodge.

As for toughness only being full shield at 100%- once again, please change the psykanium tutorial so that is taught without needing to experience it, Youtube or forum search it.

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When I went back to VT2 i was a bit surprised you couldn’t sprint. I had forgotten it wasn’t a thing in there.
But now I think that should come back to DT. Have mobility change your movement speed and make the default be between base speed and current spring speed for each class.

Not sure how to make the slide work properly though…

I just want the rest of Ogryn’s dodge. He’s missing out on 1/4 of a second of immunity every time. Also base stamina regen should be the same on every class. Chain Axe literally only works on Zealot because of that.

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