Veterans take 200% Toughness damage while sprinting?

why? just curous what issue that is?

20% stamina recovery lets you infinite push attack → heavy attack on Zealot. But the built in delay before stamina regen on Veteran makes that impossible even with 30%.


you get the bleedthrough if you reach 199 toughness as veteran.
Its % based. If you drop down of 100% base toughness you get chip damage :wink:

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This bug needs to fixed. The tutorial clearly states it blocks all damage, and you can even test it on the enemy by letting them shoot your toughness down then break it with melee (ie, less than 50% toughness).
If it’s not a bug, get the voice actress back in and change the text and tutorial implementation.


It’s not a bug, they’ve acknowledged the tutorial doesn’t always match the current build. FS always has trouble keeping tooltips matched up with current gameplay functions.

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i see , dont have one on my vet shop cant of offered any decent ones.

do you really need to push after every heavy ? would of thought you could get a couple in at least before needing a push?

The push attack is the space maker, heavies are over 1s in between each one its even worse than the Sienna mace at launch. Its just grizzly coupled with that not-dodge.

I love how people either feel that Zealot is the weakest class in the game or game breakingly OP. Almost like both extremes are wrong.

I think the chip damage mechanic is a bad one tbh, should just remove it and make toughness work like a halo shield or body armour in Payday 2.

Also really stupid that different classes take more damage because they’re running, in what world does that even make sense lol, certainly not in the Warhammer world.

so the heavy is just too slow to chain multiples? yeah have that issue witht he power hammer. would be good to speed those attacks up a bit

This might be a typical case of Fatshark development. During development hell they probably implemented numerous systems, mechanics and tweaks, which they left in the “final” product.

Spaghetti code is the general term used for any source code that’s hard to understand because it has no defined structure . While an end user might not see anything wrong with a program, a programmer might find it virtually illegible if the code base’s flow is too convoluted—like a bowl of twisted, tangled spaghetti.

You Spaghetti’d when you should’ve Ravioli’d, Fatshark.

Edit: Before you mention it, If they can’t even make a lasagna, I wouldn’t dare ask for pizza!

The more I think about it the more I think it’s a matter of perspective. It’s not that Vets are intended to receive more damage while sprinting as much as they’re intended to receive less while stationary or moving at a slower pace. It’s functionally the same thing, but the intention behind the balance may have been going another direction than the one we’re scratching our heads over.

problem is that first heavy have almost vertical angle of attack. it not interrupts enemy attacks from the sides.
and yes heavies are also slow and only one of them is safe to use in a crowd.
that’s why it’s better to use “push attack → heavy” rotation, because they always have horizontal angle of attack and can interupt most enemies.

Had to comes back to this post to say that this Brings a whole new meaning to the Vet’s Voice Line:

Don’t Hesitate, DON’T RUN, Don’complain, Jus’ do the job!

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