Sprint speed

Sharpshooter is, it seems clear, going to be nerfed, we are in agreement on that. Though the point was not that I can eat all the incoming rounds with my toughness, but that I can avoid getting shot much at all by using my brain. Facerolling towards a pack of ranged enemies by holding down W should get you in trouble.

In fact a lot of class changes are coming, so my point is that’s exactly why we should see how that balance works out before changing something so utterly fundamental.

I’d rather have the classes tuned and their gameplay and synergies made more deep and satisfying first, then make movement work around that, than buff movement universally then try to rebalance all the classes around it. That is just common sense frankly.

A modest movespeed buff is not going to make your bolter useless.

I didn’t say it would make the bolter useless. I said it would make it less useful. Which is just an objective fact. If you can charge enemies down who are in dug in positions, taking less damage than before, that makes all ranged weapons commensurately less valuable. It also makes the bolter less effective if, when I go full auto on a closing hard target, my team mates are on top of it that much sooner.

Do you know how much annoyance and time is already involved in trying not to hit side-strafing teammates hooning around enemies? Especially ogryns.

Nobody is going to be running across the map, with a horde on their tail, to kill high value targets.

Actually in my experience that’s exactly what they’ll do. They already do that right now, all the time - it’s just not trivial/risk-free at the moment because they have to periodically turn around and bash mobs back to create space.

Also, lol:

A modest movespeed buff

Ranged will not be irrelevant with a 15% movespeed buff

15% is not modest. That is enormous. What on Earth :joy:

Again, just look at CBT gameplay.

We are not in CBT. The game has changed in all sorts of ways that complexly interact since CBT. Just saying “we should roll it back to how it was in CBT” is not persuasive or considered.

Basically every point you make, your sole justification is just the fact that you say so.

I disagree with you and i’ll leave it at that.

That’s all very well and good until you have the hard choice to choose between hitting single or multiple targets. to regen. Can’t really clutch it out when your toughness is depleted but you’ve still got a single target to deal with.