Spechless Bodvarr

Just been to War Camp. This guy, who loved to talk about his hardknock life, spechless nowodays.

Client side

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Same, he just mimes for his tincan friends to join the fight.
Kind of refreshing but clearly not working as intended.

Whats up with this guy? Just played through to the end of War Camp and now all his voicelines are broken. Guy does not say anything anymore!

I’ve noticed this ever since the initial release of Patch 1.5.

I like to believe that he has revised his talkative nature and instead opted that he should not make a fool of himself in front of everyone. So he walks up, waves his hands, get’s the crowd going, and then jumps down to get into a fight! Like a silent protagonist, but bigger/uglier/angrier.

It’s absolutely a bug and if you pay with subtitles you can still see he is trying to talk but failing to do so. It did, indeed, come down with the 1.5 release.

Can confirm

I quite like it when he waves his axe around like an angry baby without saying anything.

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