Gatekeeper Naglfahr missing lines

It’s been ages, but since it’s never been fixed, I wanna point out that this boss’ lines are missing. We used to hear them before he’d jumped down in the pit, now the fight starts with the U5’s response.


Wait, he was supposed to TALK?!


Hehe, yeah, but it’s been ages since they have been missing, I think it was around when he got a “new” face. There were no U5 replies then, even, iirc.

Ahhh, thank you! I remember reporting this issue (that the U5 respond to Naglfahr as if he talks, but he never talks), but I was never sure if he DID have lines originally or not. Good to know he DOES have lines. Or, rather, that he’s supposed to.

Wow… Just wow
I am speechless at Fatshark right now. (Just like Naglfahr is)


I miss Lohner’s and Oleysa’s lines more than his, maybe I’ll do a separate topic.

Also it would be brilliant to hear the lines said when a character jumped a lot again (they were everywhere in the first game) like “must you keep jumping? have some decorum!”
loved them


The Jumping lines are actually still in the game! :smiley:
Just get triggered rarely. Maybe because people jump less, or because there is too much happening, and the other voicelines are overriding the queue.

I know they are there, but they trigger very rarely. People are jumping a lot (me included) and I think there must be some reason why they aren’t triggered. May be they are affected by enemy proximity?
There sure are more enemies around.

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