SoTT Repel Build(Force Push!)

Is this a low key awesome build or what? I see no one run it(I’m a Sienna main) but my experience so far has been really fun.

My only issue I guess is I have received a few comments about the lack of damage and green circles so I’ve been switching back and forth between my typical build and this new one just to see the differences in runs. Sure, I can kill things and soak up numbers or I can move about the battle making sure no one takes a hit which lets them murder indiscriminately. A good Sienna with Corus Staff for example turns into an absolute monster with the CC to keep everything inside her firestorms for 100% of the dot ticks.

While I really enjoy the build I’m also not going to play something that people don’t find useful. Would you rather your SoTT teammate pump out green circles or would you instead enjoy someone focusing on allowing you to do that in a safe environment?


I use it with 1haxe and it is pretty neat.

I happily play with either of those two alternatives. I think that I would find both useful and fun to play with.

Yeah, this build is pretty insane, I played it a lot. You basically tank from behind casters.

This thread inspired me to try out the Repel talent. I’d never tested it before because the talent description seemed really boring. I was rather happily proved wrong.

Repel really makes the dual daggers pop. I’ve been running them with Opportunist (i have no idea if this trait actually stacks with Repel) and 2×+30% Push/Block angle. Also have +30% stam regen. Anyway, this combo just lets you create a lot of space during hordes on Cata or Legend+twitch, compensating for the deficiencies of dual daggers.

I also take Tanglegrasp Thicket and Incandescence as a backup just in case hordes get uber dense or a 200% patrol spawns.

Really fun build. Thanks for the post, OP.

In case you want to say ok!)

I really like your style of blogging.