WoM/2.0 Builds Discussion for Legend+

Alright, in order to inject a little more lighthearted and proactive discussion, I’m curious what builds people are finding fun and interesting to play with - especially for legend+ difficulty.

I haven’t got all the characters up to level 35 yet (a few are still at 30), as I’ve mostly been playing Sienna. A few initial thoughts to share on Sienna.

  • I’m not a huge battle wizard fan for Sienna, but Dagger + Conflagration staff with lingering flames and the +150% burn damage is pretty fun. Double-firewalk is great for mobility. I find I struggle with generating THP with her though.

  • Pyromancer remains my favorite class/career. I tend to play a melee-leaning Sienna and the combination of high crit + high attack rate is awesome. I use the flaming flail with vs chaos, attack speed (don’t need the crit chance), and swift slaying. I still love the bolt staff, and use vs chaos + vs armored with hunter (big damage bonus to like-enemies on crit). Her ult is awesome for taking out hard to reach specials at range during the heat of a battle, and helps generate some TMP on top of it.

  • Unchained is similar gear as above. I like stacking block cost reduction and blocks reduce overheat. It’s a nice insurance policy against blowing up when you can just comfortably block your opponents.

  • I’ve started running stamina recovery on the trinket almost exclusively. Seems to help. Block cost reduction on the necklace with health and boon of shallya. Still running curse resist but when feeling confident I’ll switch that out for reduced cooldown or increased crit chance depending on build. Unchained often has enough health (plus overcharge health) to scrap by without curse resist, letting me take crit chance too for increased swift slaying uptime.


Trying looping C1 on your dagger with THP on stagger on large groups (boon is my preferred trait). It won’t net you as much as fire sword, but should still have some good payoff where you don’t feel so THP anemic. You’ll need to weave in and out of your frontline to usually get some thp off, but once you feel you’re in a good spot, go ahead and back off and begin casting again, which should give you a buffer for unintentional damage pokes or venting if you need to.


Elf with dual daggers on any career and hagbane or longbow depending on if you need special killing. For WS,always hagbane. With the double shot talent, you can fire once and kill even SV. For hordes, fire right at their feet, don’t actually hit them and the double shot talent will not fall off. Meaning you can 4 dots off a second and pretty much nuke hordes.

Run in and do a dual Dagger heavy to pretty much one shot nearly any mob and then dodge back and spam hagbane again.

For shade, stack crit chance and crit power with her crit power talent. She’s basically hitting longbow shot damage with a melee weapon. It’s insane. Also, her ULT talent where she goes invisible again after killing, she gets unlimited crits for 1-2 seconds. So use the ULT, go in and stab your high priority target, then spam lights and 1 shot everything else.

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Also, for all careers, take stamina recovery. It doesn’t just make your shields recharge faster, it actually lowers the time between regeneration of stamina when blocking an attack or pushing. Block cost reduction on necklace with 20% health. Block cost reduction is more useful now than stamina on most careers.

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Despite many a people stating that Slayer is kinda gimped in the current state of 2.0 balance patch, I quite enjoy a double 2h weapon setup. May not be the most optimal build by any means, since 2h Hammer is superior to 2h Axe, but I’m one of the #TeamAxe Slayers.

Talents go like this: 2/2/1/1 or 2 or 3/2, and 1 or 3 (either works great).


  • 2h Axe - your main weapon 90% of the time, since it’s a jack-of-all-trades currently and excels at doing whatever, despite not offering the best mobility nor defensive capabilities for the Slayer. Either attack works great against any target, while push-followup is here to be chained with Light2 into Light3 for some sweet cleave (not exactly reliable and push doesn’t proc damage resistance from charging an attack, unfortunately). More often than not The Axe requires a lot of pushing, space to breathe, while being quite mediocre at everything else. Use Light1 -> Light2 -> reset against single targets, go for the head, and Charged1/2 into Light3 for some additional cleave (or just spam Charged 1 -> 2). Props: Crit and Attack Speed, while the trait is unnegotiably Swift Slaying.
  • Pickaxe - Slamdunk problematic, enslaved tHP that is elites. Works great if you can charge the attack without being overwhelmed/stabbed in the butt. Also decent boss dps with Heavy Charged attack, however, 2h Axe is probably more consistent in dealing with such threats via Charged attacks. For the props get Crit + PvChaos w/ Swift Slaying, obviously.

Trinket properties:

  • HP & Stamina - not quite negotiable. Get a Boon, Barkskin (preferably), or Natural Bond (don’t run Curse Resist if you do)
  • At. Speed + PvChaos/PvChaos + PvInfantry with a trait of your choice, but I personally like Proxy,
  • Crit + Stam. Regen. Grab Curse Resist if you’re not confident enough to use Stamina Regeneration. Movement Speed works quite well with choice #1 in T4 and #3 in T6 talent branches for SPEED build. Trait: a matter of preference. I usually get Shrapnel to melt bosses/patrols ASAP.

I’ll share some of them once I have the time.

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Anything Sienna is great, AOE is king now against the Perpetual Horde Of Meatiness (PHUM™). UC is a bit fragile because of the overcharge changes, doesn’t work like in the old days, especially with the phantom hits and instant spawns it’s too risky.

Handmaiden is god mode if your timing is good, infinite stamina to do push attack cycles and her naturally great dodge compensates for the nerfs. Push>Light>Light>Repeat with a 2h Sword and Mainstay will gib hordes, and Glaive is also pretty strong with the same combo but has better heavy attacks. 1h Sword is greatly underestimated and makes for an amazing dodge dancer that can handle any kind of foe.

Halberd Mercenary is as good as it ever was, if not better because more dodge range really works well with halberd, you can do a stick and move thing with the extra reach.

WHC with 2h sword is crazy deadly, Deathknell lets it murder elites in addition to hordes (if you can aim!) and Animosity>Fervency will murder entire patrols with the heavy attacks super cleave.

Ironbreaker is great all around esp considering how hard it is to avoid chip damage (instant spawns go die plz), can’t go wrong with just about any IB build.

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