Some Data I Have Collected on Atharti's Bleed Talent (With Spreadsheet)

A Spreadsheet I put together after collecting some numbers on SoTT new Bleed talent. Tested various weapons, though not all, some weapons are obviously not good with it such as dual daggers, elven axe due to low cleave.


Dang this is a load of work, thank you for the effort!


And woah, i knew the spear got a big boost with the bleed but it was to me unexpected that the glaive would get so much, at least against chaos.


I salute your work. It takes a lot of dedication to make such spreadsheet, and in a short time too, considering the patch is just a month old. Nice job!

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Thanks, just to add the reason Dual Swords ends up so low is due to a number of factors:
The 1st light attack hits at a 45 degree angle, the range of the weapon and lower speed (compared to sword and dagger’s lightning fast l1 + l2) mean it doesn’t hit anywhere near it’s theoretical cleave limit per swing so it applies a low number of bleeds per swing. And thats with me playing recklessly to maximise DPS in reality you would rarely hit your light 4 due to playing to keep yourself safe and crowd controlling.

I was also pleasantly surprised the Spear DPS kept up really nicely with the other 2 heavier hitting 2 Handers. Though its IQR is larger due to its low damage being heavily punished by the presence of a lot of high mass trash like Marauders

Now all that is left to do is some Armour DPS tests and compare them and TTKs to smiter.

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I think the dps charts would differ depending on the difficulties it gets tested on because it’s pretty normal to see DS gets it’s swing stuck in the middle of hordes espesially against Chaos and Beastman on Cata. Bleed gets less powerful on Legend too as the total amount of dmg it does is too high and most of the trash minions on Legend doesn’t last long enough for the bleed to do much against them.

When I finish a level on Cata with DS SotT I usually end up having 1/3 of my total kill counts missing from ranged/melee kills, meaning that they died out of bleed.

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DPS for Skaven Hordes would definetly increase (as they are being badly overkilled as it is in Legend), Shielded rats might as well not be there, takes 1 hit to break their block, stormvermin die reasonably fast to the bleed. I honestly didnt notice a difference jumping from Legend to Cataclysm. I was pretty disapointed. 15 bucks for an easier difficulty than what I can drum up for free in modded realm.

Chaos Hordes: Weapons with a low IQR will likely not see much of a drop, whereas Weapons with a high IQR (like the spear) will suffer more for sure. But bleed does hard counter Maulers as they dont have body armour and damage reduction like berzerkers so they take the full bleed damage.

Bleed is definetly weakest against Beastmen hordes as those are almost allways made up of half Beefy Gors.

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