Something is wrong with berserkers' animation when they get hit while running

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Bump, I’ve been noticing this as well. Btw the clip is so short that the play button is blocking the action

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Do you find this happens every time you shoot at a zerker from ranged or is there more to it such as the positioning/angle you’re shooting from?

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I can confirm it and add, that I personally experience it every time during their sprint animations. I’ve witnessed this both while I was at an angle and right on facing them.
For some reason I don’t see the attached video, so here is a verbal description of what I see: the berserker start to sprint to cover long distance (e.g. in the end of the Righteous Stand), then someone shoots him, and he is supposed to lose his footing a bit, but kind of stagger/shrug off and continue running. Right at this moment he gets teleported a couple of feet back.

Hope this helps.

It doesn’t happen every time, but I can’t find any correlation, so here are some bugged examples:

But also examples where this bug doesn’t occur:

Same map, same character, same everything, so maybe it’s angle/distance/animation related.

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