Some Tests

Did some Testing with the Game :slight_smile:

RTX On : Crashes
Dlss On : Crashes
RTX On/Dlss On : Crashes

Both off : No Crashes

So far the Game seems to Bug out with RTX/DLSS Activated, I’ve updated the DLSS also to the recent 2.5 Version, still Crashes, so as it looks, the only way to play it is with Disabling these things.

This Game is a Bugged up Dumpster Fire . . .

Game ran FINALLY fine and Stable UNTIL Todays Hotfix.


At this point i couldnt care less about Fatshark and their apparent inability to Code or Program a working Game, this is just pathetic and i Hope you’ll Crash so hard with Darktide that you’ll never be able to set a foot into the Games Industry again.

At Least your Cash Shop is Working…