No DLSS option still

Still no option for DLSS. I’m not the only one. Had the game since release, still no fix.

Works fine in other games.

Please could you also upload your darktide_launcher.log? Thank you.

console-2022-12-16-02.57.59-aa215cac-d419-4506-9111-084e6c2f172c.log (112.3 KB)


Thank you for the console log. Could you also share your darktide_launcher.log please?

darktide_launcher.log (353.2 KB)

Hey there. This is my first time replying to this section of fourm for the topic of “No DLSS option still”. I noticed that when I’ve launch the game into the menu for settings (even the launcher has the option settings), I’ve left it default for the DLSS option on back then, but I realize that it’s cause of having crash to desktop when enabling the DLSS on. I’ve may found out that turning the DLSS off completely, does help fix my crash to desktop and I was able to play the game longer and without any crashes, too. I assumed that this is also known technical bug issue on DLSS settings and would be possible that fix will happened on future patches or next patches? I wanted to use DLSS setting for better performances, but as of now, I had to turn off to prevent any crashes to the desktop to play the game.

So any news?