Some QoL changes and new mechanics ideas (with pictures too)

So I’ve been wanting to make a topic with ideas I had after my 460~ hours of gameplay, and here they are.

First one is about Lord Melk’s contract - I think it would be cool if players could see the progress of Lord Melk’s quests during a mission. It could be an additional window info when you press TAB to show

  1. Currently there is a comparison for weapons but it only compares the basic stuff. When you press " Inspect " there is a more detailed page that shows damage dealt to different kinds of enemies etc. , I think it would be nice if there was a compare button for the inspection page too.

  2. I noticed that you can tagged opened medipacks and the player will say the voice line, but it is kinda hard to notice on the higher difficulties during a horde. Especially if you aren’t too close to your teammates. I’d suggest that the medipack would show the medipack icon above it after someone deploys it.

  1. Don’t know how many charges the ammo crate has left but I thought of something to make it more interesting. Basically every time a player uses it once, one of those (clips) go away.


  1. The game will only allow you to participate in Auric missions once you reach level 30 but you still get exp from those missions. I would suggest removing the exp earned and replace it with bonus resources (plasteel/diamantine).

  2. This one is about muties. There are many ledges in the maps and I think it would be cool if the running mutant could fall from them instead of stopping in front of them like an invisible wall. So basically the same way hounds fall from ledges.

  3. About the grimoires, they are currently kinda useless and most players don’t care about picking them up. So here is an idea - when using a grimoire the player can instantly seal an awaken Daemonhost in it. But, he has 50% corruption until the end of the mission (medicae can’t heal it) and gets 40% less rewards at the end as a punishment (because of his heretical deed).

The next two are new ability ideas which some may consider a little OP, but I think they would make the game a little more fun.

  1. Psyker - Mind Control. While he is in " hands mode " ( didn’t know what else to call it, basically when you press G ) he can take control of any enemy unit except monstrosities. It may sound complicated but I’ll make it a bit simple : While holding the left click on an enemy that enemy will just start attacking his ally.

The peril would vary depending on what kind of enemy you are in control.

For the Groaners, Poxwalkers, Dred/Scab Bruisers, Shooters and Stalkers it would be 5% per second.

Gunners,Shotgunners and Ragers 7% per second.

Those are just some examples. If this idea would ever be made then I guess Fatshark would know better how to balance it, so I will leave the rest of the numbers to y’all.

  1. This one is a new ability for the veteran, I call it " Karker’s Bullet ". For every shot there is a 50% chance that it will pierce any amount of enemies that are lined up during that shot. It sounds kinda silly but would come in handy for some weapons that have low ammo. I don’t know, it is kinda silly but I thought of posting it anyway.

Thanks for the detailed suggestions, fatshark has a great community but not sure they are aware of it. At least they can show us it with more com-links.

sometimes i can not remember my weapons perks and other modifiers because of multiple builds. While inpecting weapon by X key there can be a window about perks, modifiers etc.


That one I fear a little bit cause on human sized players (so not Ogryn) sometime the Mutie will carry the player a little bit before stopping and throwing them, so I’d fear them ledging you with itselfs.

I would prefer them to do the same thing as they did in VT2, where on level up you get a chest, here I think having a lump sum of Melk Buck would be best.


Good point. Then maybe they could make it so that the mutie would fall but the player would hang from the ledge awaiting rescue. Thanks for the feedback.


Well they did make some changes that were based on player feedback such as making the munitorum sword like it used to be, or nerfing the daemonhosts. Though I think that the DH kinda behave stupid now, I prefer their OP version which is closer to the lore too.

As a main psyker i can answer u for that point - its TOTALLY USELESS. Who u will control? What to do with u main “body”?
What i really WANT to see is staff that can change damage type in the battlefield. Like - oh, its a horde! purgatus mode please. Oh no snipers! Voidstike incoming!

Wouldn’t that be too versatile ? Like giving an Ogryn a Rumbler and a Ripper gun at the same time

Talent tree not changing. So if u have BB - i dont have Smite.
Second - in my latest runs i use constantly only trauma - because of its cool horde and other stuff managment and control. Other staffs can be TOTALLY avoided on auric missions with ONLY talent tree. So for experienced psyker staff not main sourse of its power, just instrument.

Well yes the staff are just a balancing medium, but making a staff that is able to do all the attacks of 2 of the current staves would be quite unbalanced.

Not 2 - all 4. And this not break the game. Not like plasmagun that in 1 LMB can DESTROY heretics of all types (and monstrosities too), not like knife in the hands of stealth zealots (that also deletes everything). U will need to think - what u need in that situation, and u will need knowledge and skill to use ALL of them.

Today choose of staff - is choose from “Can i do slightly more damage to 1 target” or “Can i wipe out hordes but struggle on everything else”. Purgatus - cool horde clearer and stagger (and crit) machine, lacks damage to the massive and armoured enemies, Surge - can clear all pesky gunners and stagger 2-3 ememies, but not deal crazy damage, Voidstrike - can deal tons of damage on straight line but when u see bosses or monstrosities - u lack of DPS, Trauma - BEST controlability, Cool damage to armoured enemies - but it lacks DPS. So even if u compare all 4 staffs in 1 - u will struggle in some of situations.

Ragers would probably be able to take out many of the weaker units pretty fast. Assuming your teammates are covering you you shouldn’t have issues with the main body.

Better and faster just burn them all

  1. Yes
  2. Yes
  3. Yes
  4. Yes ( They have 4 charges)
  5. Funny!
  6. Yes
  7. Heresy!
  8. Cool!
  9. Cool!
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Not sure on the psyker control thing. Not sure at all. In fact Id say going in to the mind of a heretic is considered heretical. Where are you right now? Why?? Oh no reason! No black ships coming your way I promise. Just… let the inqu…me know ok?

Well some Inquisitors use the will with psykana to see into heretics minds or even give them commands during battle. But they use it in the favor of the Ordos and not because they are heretical. The end justifies the means.

But I want to clarify it a bit further in terms of gameplay - You will NOT see the first person view of th enemy when that happens. You still are looking from the eyes of the operative. I guess when mind control is in use there could be a bubble around the enemy’s head similar with brain burst.

Also, I think it would be cool if the controlled heretic would aggro his nearby allies after attacking them.

Who told you this? I need names and locations please. That would be classified if it was true.

Dominate: The Psyker reaches into his foe’s mind, crushing their will to resist

Puppet Master: The telepath possesses his victims mind, controlling their movements and redirecting their fire

I still think it would make more sense mechanically as an ability than aBlitz

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I recently finished reading " Eisenhorn the Omnibus " and there were many moments where he did that. He could also dual wield a power sword with a bolter pistol which could also be a cool idea to have in this game.

THanks Heretical Cactus for contributing.

Dual wielding range and melee is overall iconic for wh40k, shame we can’t do this in DT