[Feedback/Suggestions] Grimoires & More

Just a bit of feedback and ideas I’ve been mulling over the last couple weeks. I am not going over many of the hotly discussed topics, this is more about simpler things that could be done to add to the fun or user experience. They may sound critical but overall I’ve been enjoying the game. I wouldn’t criticize if I didn’t care.

Feel free to share your own ideas and opinions.

Loosely in order of my own ideas of importance.

1. Add more granular mouse sensitivity settings.

This is the only thing on the list that NEEDS to be in the game. Controls are how you interface with a game. One slider with increments of 10% is not good enough. At bare minimum it should be increments of 1% with a separate slider for ADS sensitivity.

2. Merge all currencies across characters. Particularly crafting currencies.

The move away from the Vermintide system of 1 player character has turned currency into a tedious chore. Especially with the rate of gathering crafting materials. These should at the very least be shared account-wide.

3. Allow weekly tasks to be done on any character, or have one set of tasks per account.

Similar to currencies, this forces you into a character specific grind when you may feel like only playing another character. Feels like FOMO.

4. Rework Grimoires & Scriptures.

Currently these systems feel underwhelming and uninteresting. Maybe an adjustment of reward is all that’s needed, but right now it doesn’t feel exciting or rewarding to hunt them down outside of weekly tasks. I would like to see books add random conditions, affixes, debuffs, etc. You could have things like picking up a Grimoire triggers Lights Out, or aggros all mobs to you. Corruption could be one possible outcome. Rewards could be much more interesting, like cosmetics, guaranteed weapon drops, etc. However you’d do it, Grimoires and Scriptures should be a core mechanic of the game, not some menial side task you do for the sake of weeklies.

5. Allow players to disable AI bots on their team (when private matches are enabled).

A bit of a selfish one, but I love these kinds of self imposed challenges with my friends. Clearing heresy with a reduced party would be a lot of fun. More player freedom is always good too.

6. Allow for missions with multiple conditions. Eg: Endless Horde + Lights Out.

Pretty simple. More options to allow players to challenge themselves and enjoy their favorite conditions. Leads me into my next point…

7. Have some feature or function to allow the player to create their own missions.

A system allowing players to choose their map, difficulty, conditions and perhaps other small modifiers. Maybe something along the lines of maps in Path of Exile. I absolutely love Lights Out, but I hardly get to play it. Give players some control over their missions to allow them to focus on what they enjoy. This would also encourage interaction with other players.

8. Restore menu based hub functionality from Vermintide.

Running back to the mission board or meat grinder isn’t fun. Maybe some compromise here for multiplayer immersion?

9. Condense the social page into the tab menu.

Killing two birds with one stone. The social menu is cumbersome and buried too deep. The Tab menu is bare and mostly unused. Adding one click player invite, mute, vote to kick, etc, would be a welcome addition.

10. Adjust vote kicks to not interrupt gameplay.

Currently vote to kick pops up on your screen interrupting gameplay. Not cool when you’re fighting a horde.

11. Allow players to inspect other players’ builds and talents in the hub and in the ready screen before missions.

A simple addition that would add some life into the hub, give a feeling of connection to fellow players and encourage experimentation with builds.

12. Reduce the shop cycle time

One hour for a chance to get a new weapon isn’t really good enough. I know this will be less of a factor when crafting is fully implemented, but I see no downside to cycling the shop every thirty minutes instead.

13. Show players in the ready screen with their ranged weapons.

Straightforward. I want to know what my teammates are using, and ranged weapons dictate how they play more than their melee weapon.

14. Adjust the mid mission task meter colours.

Who thought white on white was a good idea?

15. Adjust the mid mission class icons next to portraits.

Not very recognizable at a glance. For such complex icon design you sure made them extremely small, and with different colours each game.

That’s all for now.