Bugs + Feedback

First I wanted to say I’m really enjoying the game. You guys have outdone yourselves for this one. After playing I had a few ideas for improvements as well as some bugs to report.

  • I’d like to see wargear of others on the ready screen so that I can make an informed weapon selection of what I want to equip based on my teams choices.
  • Allow use of the auspex to scan grimoires / scriptures (doesn’t have to be as accurate as it’s normal mode)
  • Display an icon when an ally deploys a healing pack / ammo crate
  • There’s a black semi transparent box on the bottom right of my martyrdom buff icon
  • Show buff icons for the coherancy auras my teammates provide
  • If a teammate has a grimoire / scripure and disconnects it vanishes. Either leave it on the bot, make it so they get it back when they reconnect, or drop it on the ground so someone else can pick it up

I got new Bug to report its regarding Backend error and characters not leveling up still stuck to level 1!