Ghosty's Feedback

Hey there,
First off wanted to say that my mates and i are absolutely loving the game you guys have done an awesome job so far and cant wait to see a more polished version.

In the Game we have had our issues as to be expected with a beta, from disconnects crashes and but we have managed to work around it for now and still are having a blast.

Just some points from myself and a few others that we think would be cool to see.

Weapon stats: instead of just having a bar for damage ect. have stats with it, Crit chance crit damage normal damage ect but in numbers so that it can better be compared against other weapons.

Cinematic mode: an option to turn hud off completely for a more immersive feel

Damage indicators: Allow for similar to the training area, let people have the option to have damage counters on so they can see the damage they do to enemies.

A last stand type Game mode: Horde survival game mode where you have to defend an area for as many waves as possible, every 5 waves gives the option for evac, the longer you stay the harder it gets and the better rewards and XP you receive.

Other then those you guys have done awesomely and cant wait to see what more comes from the game.