My Day 1 Bugs & Feedback


  • After receiving new cosmetics and inspecting all of them, the “new cosmetic” notification dot does not disappear.
  • Subtitle text size gets bigger after any type of game crash.
  • Custom keybindings interfere with text chat. For example, if I set my tag wheel to “C” then whenever I type in chat “come here” my tag wheel pops up.
  • 1st person POV for spectating is so bad that I’m classifying it as a bug instead of a feature request. It’s nauseating getting forced to watch another player’s POV and having my camera rotation locked. Not to mention that I lose 5~10 FPS whenever spectating someone and occasionally the camera clips through the map and I can’t see anything.


  • Please let us change our character name at the barber.
  • Please let us host our own quickplay matches.
  • Please let us use text chat during loading screen. Communicating with team prior to mission start is near impossible. You have like 9 seconds to type your message before it gets obstructed by the 60 second loading screen.
  • TAB feels pointless and should display more useful information. For example… mission conditions, number of items/currency collected so far, vote to kick, mute player, inspect player gear, etc.
  • Going along with the above suggestion it would be nice to have a item/currency ping whenever someone on the team picks up diamantine. Something similar to coins in V2 chaos wastes would be lovely.

Wrong session. There is a specific place to post bug reports.