🐖 Some ideas & improvements - from Praddelmax & KiLLy (HAIL PIGMAR)

Okay 🙂 Here we go my lil’ Sharkies,

I’ve collected all the following ideas together with my buddy “Praddelmax”.

    • The pig case -

I love the pig for salad. You know why ? Its a great fun-bringer. Its cute. It has a fancy ring-tail. So “HAIL PIG-MAR!” - is something I established in the rounds I play. So here my idea:
If I allready pay 3,99€ for this cool individual item - why not allowing me to wear it with other classes too ?

It would bring more variability to the game. And mention - if added with my idea of “Sizing & Customizing” (Explained in point 2.) - it would be hilarious cool.

You also could bring a hat voting for the community, where they can vote - which new one / ones are coming up to the game. 🙂 I would be so happy with a feature like that.

Think big. Love pig. - Hail Pig-mar!

  1. Customizing & Sizing

Once there was that lil’ bit flopping MMORPG “Wildstar” - it was not longliving and is actually down - but 1 feature was absoutely awesome in my eyes. I’ll show you:


Watch what is shown at 5:23 - they have a repertoire of decorations - which are found in game or unlocked via achievements.

Every decorationobject could be freely placed, resized & saved individually. This feature opened up so many creative options. ^^

I would reeeeeeaaally freak out - if you could add such a feature for the keep. The hidden art - rolls are cool, but if you play often - it would be cool to find some additional stuff. Not only art. 🙂

How about some cool rotten skaven bones & limbs, gems, stones, plantleaves & roots, chaos-armor-pieces, the tail of a backstabberrat … !?

If it would be able to place that stuff freely on racks / shelves - just think about - which cool keeps there could grow!

I’ve also heard from a lot of players, that they wish u bring back drinking beer together in the keep. It’s so atmospheric & teambuilding.

A good example is “Deep Rock Galactic” drinking before a deep dive - is a MUST. Rock and stone - to the bone! 🙂

    • Small thing that hurts my eye -

When u move to Athanors shrine - there is an artworkframe around the window showing skulls.

Please fix - that the lower placed skulls are performing a headstand! 😮 That triggers my inner monk. (not that kind of monk! ^^)

    • some new specials & bosses -

A cool twist to expand the variability of the played maps & missions would be: adding some new possible specials and bossmonsters to the pool. 🙂 That would be fantaaaaaaastic!!

    • Scoreboard needs to be changed -

See the Scoreboard is a cool and informative thing - but it could be a bit cooler we guess:

How about adding more valuable stats like:
blocked dmg, caused stagger & cleave, over all killed enemies by the team, over all dealt dmg by the team

and most important: Who tagged the most enemies! That would be a great motivation to freakin’ use that highlight feature. ^^ I allways have to remember players to use it - especially while playing the witchhunter.

The idea is showing the focus on --> team & coop <-- not on solo-action-playstyle.

    • Matchmaking & Loadingscreen adaption -

We think the matchmaking should be paused until all the starting players are in the mission ready to start their play. The actual matchmaking causes sometimes unnecessary long blackscreens. Thats frustrating. Please fix that. 🙂

    • Karmasystem / Honoursystem !? -

In all the spent Vermintideplaytime I’ve met rly cool & well teamplaying mates. But sometimes there are people who misunderstand the word “teamplay” and cooking their own soup all the time.

Our idea: Adding an karmasystem / honoursystem where its possible to rate your mates after each match.

possible commend options:

  • exemplary teamplay
  • took tremendous care of his party-mates
  • great special killer
  • friendly and pleasant player

possible ideas to reflect for the player:

  • rude / disrespectful behaviour
  • toxic behaviour
  • solo rush playstyle
  • non-cooperative behaviour

    • Ale must get a better model - 🙂

We need an ale that is dignified to get called an ale!
Lathery dwarvish beer! 🙂

Thats it - thanks for taking notice.

We reaaaally would appreciate it - to get a feedback from you.

Sincerely yours,

Praddelmax & KiLLy :pig: :pig2:


Agree scoreboard should get more stats.
One thing they could also do is remove the green circles showing who scored higher, that might remove some toxicity aswell and not incentivize competition between players.

I think it’s fine to have long loading time when a player joins mid loading, i’d rather start with 4 players at the same time, instead of either waiting around for 30 seconds at spawn or have the other player be behind already. But it’s preference, i can see the long black screen annoyances.

I’m not sure i’m a fan of this. We already have block lists and you could add players on steam to play with another time. I think that’s plenty.


99% of this will never happen, and your spelling hurts my eyes.


Bro sorry to be a downer, but here most of us are pushing for basic bugfixes, deed rework, dailies adjustments, class balancing etc and a lot of what you’re suggesting here feels like icing on a cake that isn’t quite baked yet. Some of this stuff sounds great, but there’s so much stuff I wanna see resources used on first, and the usual patch rate leaves me feeling this is a level of polish we’re just not gonna see happen before V2’s lifecycle comes to its end.

Hope I’m wrong, but y’know, gotta be a realist.


Surely not with them already skimming away V2 development/support time to work on DT that might bring in more money than V2.
We’re lucky if we get 2-year old stuff fixed with CW, they will never spend time on stuff that doesn’t make money.

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Why does everyone say that. V2 development has always been slow. They are currently working on chaos wastes, versus, prob new season aswell. We just got a bbb. Fatshark said they wanted to do big, but less frequent updates. They even put out a statement that they wouldn’t give up on v2? So how is everyone so sure they are giving up on v2?

Every feedback has it’s place. It’s up to fatshark to make priorities. Some of the suggestions from op probably have more chance of getting in the game then daily reworks or class changes.

99% of the entire feedback and bug section will never happen, your point being? Ah his spelling, i see.

Edit: just saw the new QoL update. Darktide btw.


As you said, their pace has always been slow, so it’s less about giving up on V2 - though obviously that will happen eventually, dunno when, but almost certainly much earlier than the crazy 10 years they once said was their intention - but more about how stretching themselves even thinner can surely only mean even slower updates, and probably even less time for things that aren’t extra paid content.

I admit though, 3.2 is promising and a pleasant surprise, so I’ll try to stop being so pessimistic round here.


Why does everyone say that? Probably because its true. Versus is been in development for well over a year, and it’s a game mode literally nobody asked for. The bbb? Was made entirely by the community. All Fs did was take what the community tested and patched it into the game. They have said they weren’t giving up on V2, but considering how they developing a completely new game, leaving V2 with a skeleton crew, leads me and many people to wonder the quality of updates that are sparsely coming.


Versus i can understand more because it’s from vermintide, and they probably took some people working on v2 and put them onto versus, so for versus i can understand the worries. Darktide on the other hand i cannot, darktide is a different game, it would suprise me greatly if they decided to put 50% or even more of their vermintide dev team onto darktide. (Yes ofcourse some people will overlap and work on both).
Bbb was inspired by the balance mod, but there have been great changes to other things aswell, also some reworks etc. Maybe the balance mod people also sent their talent ideas, but i doubt it. Also the behind the scene work to run a BBB is not easy, even if they copied part of it from modders.

If vermintide keeps it popularity it will keep it’s dev team size, and it will even grow if it gets even more popular. I can see the dev team size decreasing, but that would be purely because v2 isn’t making enough money, but not because they announce a second game.

This is soooo wrong and I really have troubles believing that people are really to dumb to understand this. Majority of the weapon balance was based on a community mod. That is correct. But there have been made changes to it during the BBB.
Majority part of the BBB was a rework of talents and careers though which have seen frequent changes over the course of the beta. While we as community obviously discussed this, all the talent changes have been the work of Fatshark and Fatshark alone.

Versus is a completely understandable financial decision. What people seem to misunderstand willingful is that Versus is not developed for the existing majority which is why “literally nobody asked for”. And which is also the reason why the obvious choice would be to make is standalone. But why should they develop something the community has no interest in? The answer is here:

Place 1, 2, 4 and 5 of the currently most played games on Steam are … you guessed it: PvP games. Place 1 and 2 alone make up over a million current players (more than 10 million total players). Ten million players NOT interested in the PvE/Co-Op nature of Vermintide. A giant market completely ignored so far. From a financial standpoint it is the logical choice to cater to this market and in best case get some spillover to the coop game. Even if Versus comes out bugged, broken, horribly balanced and dead with zero players playing it a week after release, with no intention of any updates ever. It will still be a financial success (unless they do it as DLC for Vermintide 2 which would be non-sensical).

It is people being passive-aggressive and salty for no reason. Just ignore them.


can confirm we did not have any stake in the talent changes.


Darktide is a different game, made by the same studio…
Do you think they made a complete new game with only a hand full of devs? What would make more sense, taking a majority of their devs to create a new game, or leaving most of them on V2? You think the glacial content drops are because only a few devs are working on Darktide? V2 is not a popular game, it may have sold “Over two million copies!” but it average 3.5k players at any given time.
You’re right, V2 isn’t making any money, because there’s no content to buy. FS has realized they got most of what they could, so now their making a new game to do it all over again.


I’m sorry, did you just link me to 5 of the most played games on steam to try to make a connection that versus mode would draw in those players? Those 5 games are completely different than V2. FPS, MOBA, Battle Royals, and a detective game are so completely out of bounds of what V2 is.
Game’s being PvP aren’t what make them popular, surely they have an effect on it, but CSGO, Dota 2, and PubG have been around for a while, getting consistent updates from Valve and tencent.
You act as if implementing this will automatically draw those players in, which it might, but definitely not the level you’re expecting. V2 is a very niche game.

I’m absolutely gobsmacked you would even type this.

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I don’t think fatshark made a new game with a hand full of devs, i don’t think fatshark made darktide with half of the vermintide devs, i’m sure they accepted new people, but i’m not sure, i just haven’t seen the content drop you are talking about.

I have not said this. I didn’t say v2 was popular, i said ‘if it keeps it popularity’ which means ‘if it keeps its current playerbase’, should of used another word. Also i never said v2 isn’t making any money, i said ‘if the dev team size decreases, it will be because of money issues, not becuase they launch a new game and take half of v2’s devs’.

Did I quote you on that? No, I didn’t, it’s a statement.

You can look at what you typed if you want.

This? This literally is what i mean. You say v2 isn’t making enough money, but i never said that. This quote proves it?

He’s saying if V2 had a lowered dev count it’d be because of not making enough money NOT because of Darktide being developed; he’s saying the existence of darktide doesn’t necessitate a decrease in resources dedicated to Verm.

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Yes thank you for clarifying. English hard.

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And Incan doesn’t even speak English. He speaks Australian. Amazing. insert appropriate meme here


This is brilliant and something I shall use to reprimand my team if they YOLO into the distance.

“Hey! Stop cooking your own soup!”

Also you used to be able to BUY a bottle of bugmans special with it’s own label and everything from Warhammer world. Putting the ACTUAL label on the bottles it’d be pretty cool.

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