Some ideas I had about Kerillians 4th career

I imagine her a samurai with 2 new weapons the katana(melee) and the shuriken.

The katana would have a 3 attack fast combo of light horizontal,diagonal (from bottom to top), horizontal.

and 2 combo heavy attacks a slice from top to bottom and a slice from left to right

Her F ability would be a dash forward while unseathing and attacking lightning fast twice (armor piercing)

The shuriken would do a 3-star burst(light attack) on left click, on right click hold there would be zoom and a single attack on click (armor piercing)

I am 100% irrelevant on video game design but I have been playing video games for years (350 hrs on vt2), so feel free to comment about my ideas and discuss

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Pretty sure there is no way to get this through lore wise. There are “Samurai” dudes in warhammer but they are from cathay (or was it nippon, not 100% sure), but thats on the other end of the world, also they aren’t elves.

Nippon is Japan (isn’t it even the real name of Japan in RL?)

Cathay is China at the age of 3 kingdom iirc

So the same as Handmaiden ?

Also is this whole kit from the Green Ninja in Overwatch ? Genji (?)


Now that you mentioned it, it does sound like it a lot! I totaly made this build up in my head though

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Japan has always been what English-speaking nations called it, but in Japanese it’s Nippon, if I remember correctly. That’s a very normal thing, Germany doesn’t call itself that in German, Ireland doesn’t call itself Ireland in Irish in Gaeilge, and so on.

As for Kerillian; Elves have never been seen using katanas in Warhammer lore, though some of their weapons are shaped superficially like them; some of the skins for the Elven Great Sword have a single-edged curved blade, for example.

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To add to this, amusingly Germany is referred to as Allemagne/Alemania or some other variation thereof in many romance languages, despite the Alemanni having largely settled in Alsace, Swabia and Switzerland. It makes sense from a historic perspective as these regions border regions where the romance languages evolved, but it doesn’t make much sense to call the the whole of Germany that.

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