Some ideas about veteran skill tree

Btw, how much of a % increase without any conditions is good for you to not consider it trash?

It’s not absurd, missions have objectives, most of the time you need to move through horde + stuff like 4 mutes and 4 flamers, trying to shoot them and gunners behind that horde. Maps are mostly zigzagin corridors. Such ranges like for 20% happens extremely rare like on Enclave Baross final event, that’s probably it, and it will be a sniper at this range probably, to kill him you don’t even need this 20%

And you can’t just stick out from your team trying to get some range, first cause out of coherency penalty and second cause game will just spawn disablers personaly for you.

Having this node at the skill tree top is bad, you are forced to take weak situative node just to move through the skill tree.

Regular stat node provides 5% range damage, ability node should have this as a constant minimum and falloff should be rescaled to be smooth. But just reversed ability would be benefiting for more guns.

Just a random youtube vid @ 0:03
How many seconds can he utilize long shot until that 1 mutant gets close?

On braced autogun you can’t ever reach full 20% it seems, it’s like ~17% at max on this range, cause of a regular falloff, not a big difference but still. Your gun falloff just will be bigger then Longshot can compensate, and in reverse - closer you are less Longshot provides damage. In close combat it will be 0% again.

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I don’t think we see the game the same way and it is no point trying to prove it. So now I’m just gonna offer my view as to why it works for me. I think increasing anything more than 5% base damage on a single skill without any conditions is considered too OP. And I’ll leave it at that.

How much damage you can deal is a lot more complicated than what the skills say. It involves your plays, your knowledge of the game mechanics, your decision-making, and how well can you make certain condition happens.

I don’t have a problem putting out a lot of dmg while keeping dmg taken super low as you can see from the score below.
But please don’t be upset with it. I know a lot of ppl get triggered when a scoreboard is involved.
However, this is just to demonstrate that I don’t have a problem with these skills and I know how to use them effectively. If you don’t like it, it is fine. I offer my perspective that, it works for some players.

It proves nothing, you can bring scoreboard from sedition difficulty and tell you can play with grey weapon and without abilities cause it’s just works for you. First - it’s just 1627 enemies, sure you can just sit 10 minutes and noone will turn off your 8 meters aura or something, cause there are just no enemies around. On auric it’s like ~2500 and on maelstrom it’s like ~3200, atleast it was pre-patch, specilas come in almost endless waves sometimes. Those two talents with 8meters condition just weren’t designed for it, but around malice probably, their desigin is outdated.

I don’t think we see the game the same way and it is no point trying to prove it.

Yes, cause you don’t see it, you don’t even know how falloff on lasgun works. Not even gonna waste my time on you.

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If that dmg to dmg taken ratio proves nothing, I’m sorry you dumb af.
It says a lot from a person who asking for more base dmg.
If you’re ready to put money where your mouth is, lmk.

*points to the sign*

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Look at my post before last. I tried! But he is asking for it.

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