Some ideas about veteran skill tree

He needs keystones firs of all.

  • These 3 should be removed, they were trash tier before they are still trash. For Longshot to be usefull enemy should be way too far, not worth it. CB and KZ - effect turns off when enemy is near, big oof in a horde game.

Well Longshot could be reversed to Closeshot, but damage falloff should be sensable.

  • Ogryn and psyker can grab a lot of toughness regen right from the start. Vet’s toguhness regen nodes is too deep into the skill tree. And Confirmed Kill is far superior. Exhilarating Takedown probably should be changed for ~10% for Weakspot shot instead of kill.

  • Ammo cap - remove this talent, give to stat nodes additional affix. So each stat node will give +2-3% to ammo cap besides toguhness, HP, etc.

  • Suppression imunity - either put it at the top of skill tree or remove and make it so any ulitmate provides 8-10 secs.

  • Auras - survivalist is a musthave. Don’t know what to do with it.

FT - probably should be +5% damage +5% crit chance

CaK - dunno, maybe +5% MS and +10% dodge distance.

But tbh i think these two should be auras, so you choose - ammo, nades or hp.


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Longshot is very good for las guns.
Catch a breath let you trade gunners easily when no melee around. There are a lot of situations like that especially vs roaming enemies.

Learn the game. This is dumb.


Longshot is very good for las guns.

No it’s not, go in psykanium and test damage-range corelation, falloff on this talents is crap, this is a talent point waste, considering how vet skill tree is packed badly currently. And how such long range distances are rare in this game.

Catch a breath let you trade gunners easily when no melee around

And where it happens, lol, on malice? Most of the time there are both horde, shooters and specials. You also don’t need it, if you are able to shoot gunners you just stacking Confirmed Kill (which is almost mandatory to have) on gunners and Iron Will works similar to Unwavering Focus before.

So yeah, learn the game, buddy.

Longshot of course it’s gonna fall off the closer it gets. That’s why it’s called Longshot. Why don’t you stay in Marlice if you want high damage without positioning yourself to utilize your talent.

If you know how to position and prioritize, you can utilize Catch a breath but if not, yeah stay in Marlice.
I only play damnation and queueing right now. Come

Come learn the game.

Longshot of course it’s gonna fall off the closer it gets.

What are you even talking about. Key point is falloff is bad, go and test it, then come back. There are few situation when such long distances exists on maps to reach max potential of this talent.


It’s malice.

If you know how to position and prioritize, you can utilize Catch a breath but if not, yeah stay in
I only play damnation

Bruh, such a big d1ick take. I play only t5 maelstrom, who cares? Noone. Your takes are idiotic, any talent that randomly can be turned off on conditions where almost endless enemies is a trash tier, but you are just trying to show like playing regular t5 is somehow great achievement and talking unrelated stuff.

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Oh yeah? Who mentioned about difficulty first? Manipulative much?

My take is about there almost no such situations on higher difficulties when there are no enemies in 8 meters near.

Your take that you are playing t5 and you are cool, so that’s why those talents are good and someone should learn the game.

Stop being a clown.

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What’s the min/max ranges for the damage on longshot anyway? I imagine there’s a sweet spot range where the target is far enough away that you can max the damage bonus, but close enough that falloff doesn’t counteract it? Usefulness would be heavily dependent on the gun you’re using, I guess.

Nah, they’re right. These “…if no enemies are nearby” talents are the very definition of talent taxes. There’s pretty much always enemies within 8m of you, and when there isn’t, you usually don’t need these buffs.

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  • Do the melees teleport to you?
  • You have time until they reach you.
  • There are plenty of range enemies that will not approach you.
  • Why don’t they just add +20% dmg for you at this point?

Stop being stupid

That would be broken as hell. If you change the numbers, maybe, but autoguns and recon Las would pump out toughness like crazy

Auras are in a lame state. I would be interested to see how an aura that shared ammo pickups (some small % of normal pickup goes to rest of team when you pick up individual ammo pickups), although that probably does risk becoming a must-have.

I’m not sure what the rate of falloff for Longshot is, but I’ve definitely found use of the 8m toughness regen (and now that you can have that and the toughness on elite kill :ok_hand:) ; there’s plenty of situations where you’re in a ranged standoff and have that space. Some enemies may filter through, but that’s just something you have to deal with. They kinda counteract each other in a way though, in the sense that you need to isolate yourself to maximise Longshot, but keep reasonably close to the team so that there’s a buffer to keep that 8m area free

Ammo/nades/deployable seems like a sane way to handle the aura slot. These would be pretty damn strong in their own right

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Less than 8 meters - 0%

8 meters - 5%
8 meters is like that

For 20% damage range should be like this.

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Yeah can you imagine wave of dogs+wave of mutes can reach you fast. And there also hack events when enemies spawn around or you need to move through a horde towards tentacle objective and shoot gunners/specials at the same times, you don’t just fight mobs in tunnels.

Why don’t they just add +20% dmg for you at this point?

Cause it’s situative trash see?

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Funnily enough, I found most use for Longshot on plasma previously, and based on my previous testing it works similarly with some other weapons.

Longshot isn’t a damage boost but prevents damage falloff.

It does give a damage boost if the weapon has no damage falloff (more like penetration fall off) like in the case of Plasma flak damage or in the case of Lasgun which has inverted damage falloff (actually think about Lasgun as having a Longshot built-in because it worked like that previously).

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Just a random youtube vid @ 0:03

How many seconds can he utilize long shot until that 1 mutant gets close?
It got close to him for a few seconds and the whole team took it down.
Then, Long shot is in full effect again for many seconds until the next add can come close.

Keep crying. It’s situational for a good reason so that players can use some brain.

We are talking about “20%” “BASE” range damage here!

7m = 86 dmg
12m = 106 dmg

Do you know how much percent increase that is?


And how far is 12m???
Only this far:

How many times you get to shoot something closer than this?
If it’s that close, why wouldn’t you switch to melee?

You don’t want to spec into this so that everytime you hit something within 10-15m you get between 20 to 28% increase in damage output? It is completely up to you.

Like I said, if this is not good for you, nothing will.

Might have missed my post but it’s super disingenuous Lasgun has Longshot built it has an inverted damage falloff. It isn’t just Longshot, it doesn’t improve Lasguns damage by 26%+ by itself.


This goes for all, but can we keep things civil? :expressionless: It’s a game, it’s the first pass of a massive change to the game’s balance, stuff is gonna be wrong. No need to be rude/snarky etc over it

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It’s not base range damage, it’s range based. Lasgun has reversed falloff, you are shooting mob from a differetnt range that’s why your base damage is rising it’s not cause of Longshot talent, stop shitting your pants again and again.

Less than 8 meters - 0%

Range for 15% to be applied

Range for 20% to be applied

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Yeah sorry about that. It’s just that he started by saying “remove these trash skills.” If he doesn’t wanna use it, I don’t care. But asking to be removed is ridiculous.

My bad, base range dmg as I refer to both Long Shot and Kill Zone.
Easy damage increase. And of course it’s gonna fall off if you have something within 8m.
As I mentioned earlier, you are asking for a 20% increase without any conditions.
That is absurd.
You can add only 10% max to your wep crafting and it is specific to certain type of enemies.
20% with condition to any enemies is trash, so be it.