Short Straw Class Poll

Wdym, it’s right at the top of his skill tree you are moving through them fluently, sure they don’t provide as much toughness farm but 2/3 zealot ultimates provides toughness regen aswell.

Bolter were overpowered

It was indeed. Now it’s the opposite. There is too much tradeoffs in bolter build, you will have too strong lack of suriviability/ammo/reloading speed/swap speed. And if you are going for ammo ability there will nodes that you don’t rly need on bolter, like Exhilarating Takedown or Deadshot, so in the end it’s gonna be headhost focused build for bolter, like eh?

One of reloading skills force you to take this

Wich will give you some signifficant damage almost never, especially with slow weapons that need it - bolter, plasma, maybe shotguns and revolver, some test clips

Means every other is unbalanced.