Veteran gameplay/talent feedback from making a fresh vet

Here is my feedback to the Veteran after making 2nd one and leveling it to 30.

Veteran tree is very very strong to the point you don’t need keystones. This is a good thing but also kind of a bad one.

Your talents kinda don’t matter for Malice and Lower Difficulties it’s all about basic game knowledge there. Heresy is where you can find some harder parts with packs of Elites and specialists that can give you a bit of a hard time so having a Voice of Command helps a lot to keep the team alive and somewhat carry.

Damnation and beyond is where you can see limitations for what weapons can you use and talents needed to deal with a pack of not just specialists and elites, but the nonstop spawn of poxes (horde mobs).

After patch 13 Lasguns are in a bad spot mostly due to almost no evolution of the Executioner stance and Keystones don’t do much for single-shot weapons(except plasma gun) lost of 90% a reduction is big for shooter vet play style.

Executioner needs a rework. Currently, it gives you 25% Weakspot dmg and ranged dmg and highlights enemies.


Executioner stance grants 30% Rending, 20% Ranged dmg last 5 sec. Cooldown 45 sec.
Side node:
Slayer - Killing Elites, Specialist adds 1sec to the duration of Executioner stance up to 12 seconds.
Well Trained - Greatly reduces recoil and spread
Also, there could be (Suppressing fire - Increases suppression dealt by 25% and delays enemies recovery by 1 sec)

This way it’s more universal and can give you that needed dmg boost when too much staff is charging at you.

Marksman’s Focus currently: Ranged Weakspot kills grant 3 stack(s) of Focus. Up to 10 Max Stacks. Sprinting, sliding, and walking removes stacks. Each stack of Focus grants +7.5% Ranged Finesse Power and +1% Reload Speed. Ranged Weakspot kills let you move without losing stacks for 3s. Ranged Weakspot hits let you move without losing stacks for 1s.

So this is just too dependent on multiple conditions, don’t move, hit consistently weakstops and crit.
It has 3 dependencies making this too punishing and not fun to play.


Marksman’s Focus: Hitting a weakspot grant you 1 stack weakspot kills grant additional 2 stacks (weakspot kill 3stacks). 1Stack of Focus adds 5% Ranged Finesse Power. Missing a weakspot makes you lose 5stacks. Upon reaching 15 stacks you trigger Marksman’s Zeal to gain 10% Critical chance for 8 seconds. Cooldown 10sec.

While stacks work as passive crit dmg boost, the active part gives you a chance to truly play that ranged class style.

Side node:
Hidden and Dangerous - While marksman Zeal is active 90% thread reduction from melee enemies.
Long Range Assassin - While marksman Zeal is active 15% Weakspot dmg
Keen Eye - While marksman Zeal is active weakspots are highlighted.

Infiltrate (stealth) while it’s powerful and useful for survivability I kinda don’t find this fitting into Veteran tree.

Suggestion: Replace Infiltrate with Eagle Eye

Eagle Eye - highlight Elites, and Specialist enemies for 10 sec. Cooldown 30sec.
Side node
Oh Shiny - highlights all lootable resources (ammo, stims, crates, grenades etc.)
Too big to miss - highlights Ogryns and Monstrosities
Overwatch - Your Combat Ability gains +1 charge, but +33% Cooldown.

Focus Target - some players for whatever reason spam this to the point of absolute annoyance…
Focus Target It should be applicable only if you have 5 stacks or more. It also won’t restrict you from tagging when you want to save it for the enemy that doesn’t die in 1 hit…

Naturally, some talent would have to be changed, removed, or merged.

These are my views and suggestions on Veteran tree.

I’m personally not super keen on Rending as a whole (it’s insanely strong), Executioners Stance with an upper bound on its duration could be an interesting way to apply it. I’d probably bump the duration extension per kill slightly but you still get up to 20 seconds of significant damage. Additionally, maybe replace Rending with Brittleness on hit to slightly differentiate it from the Gunlugger ability upgrade. Not strictly necessary, just my brain going “giving them both the same effect feels low effort” :joy:

I wouldn’t call crit a dependency here; ranged Finesse boosts both weakspot and crit damage, so while you can double dip with a crit-oriented weapon, it’s not required to function.

I feel like that’s way more punishing than the current version :astonished:

AND hugely reduces spread/recoil allowing insanely higher accuracy much easier on a lot of guns. It’s crazy to me how many people gloss over that part despite it being a massive indirect DPS increase for an awful lot of guns.


Executioners stance should highlight elites and specialists for allies by default imo. Spending a point for that node and for it to only last 5 sec feels like a scam. But yeah i agree this ability needs buffed, voice of command might need slight nerfs and i say this as someone who mained it since the rework and stealth idk, never really use it so i cant say. What i can say is it seems difficult to choice exe stance or stealth of VoC


What would you take from VoC to nerf it though? It has

  • Stagger
  • 100% personal toughness
  • Upgrade: +50 team toughness ( / max toughness)
  • Upgrade: Revive at the cost of cooldown

I’m not saying it does/does not need nerfing, but I feel like each node has quite limited scope so where would you take from?

True but that is useful for auto guns mostly not needed for other types of firearms. I do mention it in the Suggestion as an optional node.

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Well, its supposed to be powerful and more of a skill cap type of keystone. Britlessnes is in Onslaught node and its applied debuff while rending is armor penetration for your class only. If-Range Finesse boosts Weakspot dmg it’s quite an insignificant boost :D. You can keep Executioner stance up to 12 sec max. Which seems reasonable to me :slight_smile: .

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Sure. All 3 autogun types are pretty strong though and it’s a huge boon for them. It also makes laspistol hipfire absurdly accurate which is nice for running deadshot where you don’t always want to ADS.

Personally the only change I want for Exe stance is Ogryn refresh built into base. It made sense pre patch 13 when it also came with a large damage boost but as an extra point cost just for refresh while being mutually exclusive with shooter reset it just makes no sense as its own node. They’re still elites like come on.


gotta chime in, and say i would make taking a hit make the factor causing you to loose stacks.
you never get hit, great you never loose stacks.
one could say you were “focused”

Honestly I just want Execstance to not instantly drop as soon as you pull out your melee so you can actually defence yourself while it’s active.

or maybe that might be too OP idk.

not sure if it needs nerfing, reviving vets who run VoC all the time. :rofl: :rofl:

So you want MF to be even worse, and turn it into a crappier version of Blazing Piety with less than half the crit on top of giving it a failstate.


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