So the new update doesn't allow you to solo a boss anymore

Seems the director always throws hordes and specials at you during a boss fight now.
Just played a game, a rat ogre spawned with a horde and a few specials, the entire team but me(BH) got wiped out. While kiting the boss, I managed to clear the horde and keep damaging the boss. The director treats the kiting of the boss “running away” and spawned another horde with 2 gunners and 1 gas-rat. I got rid of the specials only to get 1 more gunner + 1 firerat + 2 gutter runners spawned and it was GG.

Since there are invisible walls for every boss now, there is no way for players to “run away” or rescue fallen players. I understand and agree that when there are 4 active players, adding hordes and specials to a boss fight is fun and challenging but if there is only 1 player left it is just pure frustrating. I can’t imagine if you face a troll/chaos alone with hordes and disabling specials.

Your team mates now respawn in front of the boss wall so you can rescue them during a boss fight. (still quite hard if you don’t have movement or invis ults)

Yes, it’s almost unavoidable unless you all kite properly and won’t let him move around even a bit. But I don’t think it should stop spawning because of a boss anyway. Last Player standing might be the exception but the thing about soloing originally (V1) was to be able to take what was supposed for four to deal with.

Well there are quite a few careers that are broken right now that can easily solo a boss (shade, pyro …) just in case anybody didn’t notice.

Teammates should spawn in front of the walls now. At least that was the case for me this weekend.
Once on Halescourge before the elavator, teammate was able to rescue us during a boss fight. We spawned in front of the wall.
Once on into the nest on the bridge right after 1st grim. I was able to rescue my respawned teammates during a boss fight. They spawned in front of the wall.

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