Double bosses now?

Well after special spam, horde spam, silent patrols, is this the new thing?
I started playing again yesterday and since then I haven’t gotten a single map without two bosses. I just wanted to know if that is intentional or just another nice feature? Getting to fight two chaos spawns per map really is a big plus. Maybe we could even get them in packs? I was so dissapointed when I got only four specials silently spawning with the bosses, that bumps up the win rate at least to 5%, man thats not fun!


Noticed they spawn if we take out first boss quickly and overall we are doing good. I like this feature.

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Agree, I have gotten double bosses a couple times, and it was a fun challenge!

Dunno it happened before patch too.

It did. Since 1.0 as far as I can remember. Always dreaded getting a boss early if my group struggled, as I knew another one would likely appear.

Also had a triple boss against the grain. First one at first barn after the field, second the forced spawn from the big barn, last one just before Chaos Spawn bridge.

bring it on ai director, the boss fights are what makes the game exciting!

btw here’s a tip: if your party dps is low, focus on clearing the horde and any specials first, after a while they don’t spawn anymore and it’s just your party and the boss.

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