Things that should be fixed TODAY

Imho, these things ruin heavily the game:

  • boss + crowd + a lot of specials (and maybe also in a bad place); only boss and crowd it is still fair… but if literaly specials and disablers spawn on you, it is just a free death.
    I don’t care if you and your group are a god on earth and you are capable to win blindfolded, cause I don’t say that is impossibile to win, but that:
    ~ this crazy spawn adds too RNG…
    ~ and it is a spike of difficulty far from the
    standard one thinked for the game;

  • enemies spawn literaly on you; very simple: if an ememy spawn on me, at my back, I have no way to avoid the damage;

  • specials spawn off map: specials like globadier, leech, stormer, ratling spawn off map and attack you also through wall… for obv reasons, it is a very bad thing;

  • just little last thing: hunger in the darkness first grim… that damn barrel doesn’t spawn. I KNOW, you should take one from previous zone… but, sometimes, enemies can spawn on barrel (look previous point) and hit it.

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It’s almost 11 o clock at night right now in Sweden. People have to sleep you know?

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  1. useless post
  2. immature behavior
  3. in my country, it is afternoon
  4. “today” is symbolic, obv
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I too noticed that insane special spam with the recent patch right after set bosses. (Into the Nest, War Camp, etc…) Pretty disappointing to actually beat the boss and then immediatly get wiped by 3 disablers + 3 other specials.

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Totally agree with you…

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