So red weapon drops

Getting duplicates wouldn’t be as much of a problem if red item crafting wasn’t this much ridiculously overpriced (5 dusts and no skin ? really ?).


I think you have a point. A really big point.

that s exactly what i am criticizing. that it is especially designed to have the same rewards. i mean the rewards can stay the same but the drop chances should be higher. otherwise it s difficult to find players for cata full book runs. because everyone grinds legend.

That’s literally a better reward.

This actually contains all the counter-arguments: you don’t really need books for Cataclysm, and yes, everyone grinds Legend, and it is impossible to find a random competent team on that difficulty anymore. Freeing Cataclysm from any kind of additional rewards finally unties the player’s hands to use the complete arsenal of powerups that the game has without the need to give them up for tomes and grimoirs, and at the same time it does not push underperforming players into a difficulty they cannot handle just for loot.
There are few Cataclysm lobbies around because there are few Cataclysm-ready players around. It’s that simple - you churn out DLC after DLC, each one of them worse than the last until your playerbase drops below half of that of a similar game that is 10 years old. That is how you arrive at this situation, and I’m, really glad that someone at FS saw through it and didn’t open the whole “pay for more loot at Cata” can of worms.


Quickplay cata lobbies just don’t have the ‘default book’ mindset. So when you join a lobby it’s not automatically assumed players take books and when someone doesn’t want to take books he doesn’t get flamed as much as in legend.

I have had plenty of lobbies where i asked if we could do full book runs and everyone agreed, if you ask most players in cata will say yes, or will say ‘next map’ so they can put on curse resist.

I don’t see the issue with cata having the same loot as legend. It’s not because it’s a higher difficulty that it should need a better chest reward. It’s also an optional difficulty, it’s not in the default game, and adding more rewards to it would mean you’ll have to pay to get better loot, and imagine the sihtstorm it would bring on this forum if that happend.

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Because nobody cares about books on cata, its refreshing to not have to care about that :slight_smile:


Also I wouldn’t mind one bit if Cataclysm had no reward at all - just so I don’t have to watch the infuriating ‘Ranald bar’ filling up and the stupid chest fall out of the sky.
People don’t play Cata for loot and that is one of the best game design feats FS managed lately.

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In V1 there was a beautiful patch that prevented you from receiving red duplicate weaponry and hats. You may ask why didn’t they implement the same thing for V2. I think the answer is simple - trinkets. If only they could get rid of red tear trinks we would get all those reds long time ago. But then it will open another problem of horrible crafting witch can be solved easily by upgrading trinks with red dust.
Also they could return good old quest board from V1.