So is Fat Shark going to tell us why the Steam version has more features than the game pass version?

The Game Pass Version does not support DLSS3, meaning there is zero frame generation support, though it exists on the Steam Version.

Maybe just because of when each version is being patched.
They even sneakily removed the frame rate cap from the steam version in yesterday’s update.

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Cause we actually paid for it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Probably due to different patch cycles though. GamePass probably have different patch requirements than Steam and may run the same patch as the XBox version, and consoles generally have more of an approval time to patch the game.


Likely because steam allows them to push a patch whenever they want, but game pass does not, so they can take some risks with Steam and test stuff out.


o but they’ll be a peice in PC Gamer tomorrow rehabilatating thier image I bet

It’s because we need to go through cert with Microsoft (and rightfully so!). This takes some time. So while it’s not ideal right now, there will be some gaps until we get everything patched. That said, we should be hearing back from MS in the very very very near future and getting you all up to speed soon.

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They gotta get that Q4 earning for the investors baby!