Small changes that (I think) can improve the QoL of the players

Have you ever got caught by a gutter runner while you were using your ranged weapon just to stand up with the same ranged weapon and get beat on by the horde? Simply by giving us an option that we can activate or deactivate so we can choose to get up with our melee weapong everytime we get incapacitated (bestigors, gutters, chaos spawns, leeches, pack masters, etc) that problem would be solved. It is not game changing, its a small change. I dont like to smash 1 everytime when the game could do it.
Another situaton: Have you ever encountered yourself getting hit while climbing a ladder? Or maybe you were climbing the ladder and almost at the end of it an enemy appears so you have to make the decision to either jump (and maybe take fall dmg) or get hit. A simply block mechanic like when you are resurrecting someone would solve it. Blocking while resurrecting wasnt a thing in V1, it was kind of a glitch that later was implemented in V2. So I dont see why blocking in ladders would be such a crazy idea.
Like I said, this arent game changing mechanics that will break the game, but could help in certain situtations. It feels like they could be easily made a modder.
Getting rid off tagging’s internal cooldown would be nice too tho. I didnt mean to tag the ungor archer, I want to tag the blightstormer that is behind it before its gone.


Would love auto swap to melee after being incapacitated. Definitely a pet peeve. I’m pretty down with all these suggestions honestly.


I think the game should automatically swap you to melee after being downed, as only melee weapon can block and your likely to be getting attacked as soon as your gotten up it only makes sense


Maby you should mark some devs in this topic to get their attention on this one.

Doesn’t sound so hard to implement but sounds like a nice quality of life improvement.

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Auto-swaping to melee after being downed: YES

Tagging internal cooldown is likely there to prevent spam, including sound spam - I’ve seen few threads about people being irritated by the sound of the “constant” pinging. How would you even decide which tag was made by mistake to prevent “abuse”? Pinging is used to raise team awareness about enemy or an item, letting people ping more can cause more distraction than help.

As for ladders I have hard time justifying it - it’s not like the are many ladders around and you should be able to clear enemies before climbing them. Getting teammate up would be really hard during hordes/bosses (which is usually a cause of downing) and thanks to block you are not discouraged from trying to help. Started as glitch, but it’s a really good feature right now - so many games would be lost if this wasn’t a thing. But during ladder climbing? People would find a way to abuse it for sure.

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I like the ideas to swap to melee weapon and tagging recovery, but in the case of the ladder I’m not sure. That adds a tactical decision to moving around.

At least for the first one a mod exists. However, I wouldn’t be to sure it will be sanctioned. So far Fatshark had the reasonable approach that mods will not influence directly with the gameplay during the missions. As such many of the mods are just some unnecessary fancy stuff which is usually covered if you pay a bit attention.
However, with this one you have an “advantage” over other people who do not use the mod which might be a breaking point (although Chat Blocking is the same and DID get sanctioned)

Regarding the ladder climbing, I’m more frustrated by the “autoclimb” if you are getting to close…
A simple “press E to climb”-button would be smth. I like to see :+1: and it would probably help those herpy-derp situations when you reach the top of the ladder and get thrown back to the climbing animation over and over again…


Sometimes Im trying to kite a horde just to walk back into a ladder without noticing. I understand that it is not something that happens all the time to all the players but it can be really frustrating.
I dont really see a way were this could be exploited, even tho I thought of it.
About the tagging, a simple option to mute the sound would do. There are mods that do that. And tbh, I dont encounter many trolls in my games. I think that the community that plays this game is overall pretty nice and friendly.

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Same, the autoclimb has trolled me before while trying to kite back some hordes.

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It sounds kinda forced to mark devs. If the community likes the ideas then it may grab the attention of them.

Not really,why wait with drawing attention?
Nobody can or want to force somebody into something.
I just said it would be easier to get noticed cause I dont think they read every post that’s made here…