Insta-death on revive

So many times, a teammate will frantically revive you during a horde and you will be murdered before the standing up animation is even done. And even if you make it past that, if you went down with your bow in your hands your bow is still in your hands so you can’t immediately block.

Please make melee weapon default after being revived, and make us able to block the second we have been revived, not after the whole animation.

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God yes

Please Lord no

I really don’t understand how people could be opposed to this.

Edit: For the record, you CAN block while getting up. Good way to chew through all your stamina, though, if you’re surrounded by SV or something.

You can’t block while getting up, you can only block after you have gotten up

If you fall it was to your own folly. Invulnerability is abusable. I agree you shouldn’t insta die and having things in place to prevent this (blocking while getting up which I said God yes to) are valuable. You commented to that completely out of context

You’re already invulnerable while being rezzed though, during which time you can’t control your character. How can you abuse something if you have no control over it?

You are not invulnerable while being rezzed. All damage you take effects your temp hp when you get up. It’s damage another teammate could be taking. If you are about to die invulnerability in some situations can be worth dying for so that an ally that could be taking the damage won’t.

I…really don’t think this is true. I’ve never died during a rez in VT1 or 2 unless the other person let go for a moment and I ticked out. You also don’t get any hit indications while being rezzed, which you will if you’re downed and alone.

If you’re about to die, you’re not getting someone up. Unless you have the Kruber 25 talent to do so, and in that situation, you probably have aggro of enemies not aggro’d to whoever you rez, which will then swap over to that person after you die and then you’ll both probably die again.

The whole point of my post is that it is true. If a stormvermin is about to smack you with a heavy overhead after your teammate rezzed you or a rat ogre is stomping on your corpse as you are getting up, you are dead before you even have control of your character.

There’s a difference between rezzed and rezzing. I posited that you’re invulnerable while being rezzed, and I said it would make sense for that invulnerability to be extended until you have control of your character. Robin and I were arguing whether you are in fact invulnerable at all at any time during the process of being lifted off the ground.

Bro, after they finish with the whole patting you down and the bar fills up, your character takes a few seconds to stand up, during which you cannot block and you can take damage. And you aren’t invulnerable while being rezzed, you still take damage then too. Many times I have seen people die while their teammates are so close to finishing a rez.

Invulnerability rewards bad cooperation imo. If you’ve gone down then it’s your team’s job to evaluate how or if to rescue you. Being invulnerable on rez means the team no longer has to evaluate the position they’re bringing you back into.

Just edited my OP, I really don’t care for being invulnerable during the animation I just don’t want to be in the position where I can be killed and have literally no say in the matter. I want my melee weapon to be auto equipped on rez and I want to be able to defend myself during the whole animation.

I totally agree with you about defaulting to the melee weapon and the clarification you made about being able to block. I was playing champion today. I was downed because of my own stupidity, my team picked me up and because I had a ranged out, I was dead before I could quick swap back to the melee.

Ideally, I would like the game to give me the melee by default – and register the block command if I am holding it down. By all means chip away at my stamina, but there’s something insanely vexing about being dropped dead in less than a second after you were picked up – when there is no conceivable action you could have taken to prevent this.

It feels like an exploit that the machine can use against you.

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