Getting Back Up

So yeah…could we maybe get a period of Invulnerability when being picked back up from being downed until such point as we can actually control the character?

It kinda sucks donkey nards to see it playing the ‘standing up’ animation and then to die before you even get control of your character back after your ally risked their own life to pick you up. While you are still fully downed, no invuln, same with fully up and in control, but during that transition that takes waaaay to long, yes, please give us something so it’s not like ‘oh, my team mate just wasted time’ or ‘oh…fuggin seriously?’


I think that is intentional, so that getting downed would actually have consequences, instead of “hey guys, I am on the ground, just get me up and don’t mind the horde”.


Tip: kill or controll the mobs around the downed character BEFORE attempting to rez. The downed player has more hp on the red bar than they ever will on a green.


I guess some careers have talents that do exactly this. So the matter is officially closed.

In V1 did we get a period of invuln like OP requested? I thought I remembered something with that, basically once you started picking someone up their health bar would stop draining and they’d be OK until they were up and started blocking.

I don’t think this is really an issue, but what is an issue is how you can die while getting resurrected. While your character is getting up and completely immobile you can die. This makes it really obnoxious when your last man standing and need to resurrect all your mates that died.

Some careers have talents that reduce how much damage you take when disabled/downed and talents that give your allies reduced damage taken for a bit after getting picked up. I find these to be wildly useful in relative situations and have helped me live through situations where I would have otherwise been killed. It’s a risk vs reward when choosing the other talents over one of the aforementioned.

That’s exactly what I was talking about. You can die after the person finishes the pick up animation, but before you have the ability to move or block

Cornbane: yes, those are useful, however in alot of times that makes those things the only really viable option to take and that’s bad when the ‘choices’ for things like talents are only an illusion.


I can confirm it did, and it was good, as the ‘transition’ between when a person is picking you up, and when you get control shouldn’t be a thing that your punished for, especially when tank enemies are involved as they’ll basically roflstomp you in that time period.

Yet again I disagree. imho, downed characters should not be upped with ease when there are enemies around.

That’s not what I’m saying, what I’m saying is…

The period AFTER being picked up, but BEFORE control is given back to the player, shouldn’t be a time you can be redowned/killed, as it makes playing as a team (and getting your team mates back up) an active punishment.

I very well know, that that is not what you’re saying, since my position is opposite to:

Remind me, if there was a block-revive in VT1?

Yup, there was block revive feature in V1.

k, then I just like this system better. Block revive seems too cheap. That at least balances it.

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Thats called a teamwork, if someone helps you then runs away its his fault.

I always push before reviving or use kruber ults to knockback enemies then rev up and make SURE i m near slashing enemies or pushing them away why my teammate recovers himself.

Its a mechanic that i really like because it favors cooperation.


The big problem is the fact that it takes power out of the player of the character’s hands, and gives essentially control of that to some one else, and lets face it, game may be co-op, but most folks think ‘picking some one up’ means complete their progress bar then run away. Which is rather punishing/frustrating to the person who literally cannot defend themselves for an extended time as a result, and on champion/legend means your basically fubber nucked because of a team mate, pretty much guaranteed

There’s also the fact of ‘tank’ fights where odds are the person getting you up can’t just ‘clear out’ the enemy of the area, and that’s the biggest place this is a problem, as the temp hp your given on a ‘get up’ is gone in one hit from most anything that isn’t a ‘spam’ hit from the tank.

Then do not get downed, or play with a group.

‘Don’t get downed’ you’ve obviously not had to deal with the insanity of Champion+ much have you? One does not simply ‘not get downed’ it will happen, maybe not every match, but it will happen at some point, when you get jumped by 2 assassins and a hooker during a horde/tank. And maybe it’s not you, but some one else, and you push things back and pick them up, only to be shunted away from them by something, as there are alot of specials/elites that can just push you, or if say a tank is alive just throw you half way across the map.

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