General Feedback to the test (things I couldn't fit into any other category)

As the title says, this is some general Feedback I have that I couldn’t get into my feedback for any other category.

  1. No Wobble option. Please. I’m getting a headache every time I play. Not to mention how disrupting it is to the game. You want to keep the “realism and immersiveness” for the people coming for the lore? Alright, sure. But please give the people coming for the gameplay some thought.
  2. I couldn’t skip tutorial even after already completing it with another class (or I didn’t look hard enough). It’d be fine if it’d be class specific stuff, but I know how to do a light combo by now.
  3. I still felt like I was snapping onto ladders when I didn’t intend to. I feel like having a button input to grab a ladder would be way preferable. Going “into the wall” as I get up the ladder is probably a good thing if it means the weird “getting stuck” at the top isn’t going to happen anymore and it did surprise be a bit when first seeing it, but it’s probably fine once I get used to it.
  4. The “Cover me” reloading voicelines were getting spammed quite a bit. Might just be frequency bias, but it did get a bit annoying here and there.
  5. Some “extra advanced” tutorial could be nice, explaing some more in-depth mechanics, both class specific and in general. Like tips on how to deal with specials. Took me a while to figure out it’s way easier to melee hit hounds instead of trying to shoot and dodge them or that I can push the suicide bombers. I know from Vermintide that a lot of extremely useful mechanics will be entirely unknown to people not in the community via Twitch, Discord, etc., so having at least a few hints would help beginner players to figure it out.
  6. Not in the same HUB as teammates is bad. How am I gonna sprint in circles around them if I’m bored cause they take so long to select a mission? Overall I have to say I’m not a huge fan of seeing everyone else anyway and prefered being a bit more private. Especially when it’s not a huge community and there’s a good chance to stumble into each other randomly, I’d also want the option to not interact with anyone if I don’t feel like it at the time.
  7. Everything’s really dark which makes the gameplay suffer from the atmosphere. I felt like this was a Deep Rock Galactic mission and noone is playing Scout. Had to have my blinds closed and lights off just so I could see what’s going on. I know there’s a flashlight in this game, but really everyone should just have a decent flashlight on at all times. I don’t believe (or hope) that the darkness isn’t supposed to be a big gameplay impact, so don’t make it one.
  8. Dash ults should not drop the containers and whatever I need to transport. I mean why not? I can fight while dashing just fine, carrying something shouldn’t be that much harder. Either that or have the containers air physics be more forgiving. They really just seem to drop to the floor without any real distance when you try to throw them.
  9. It is often hard to see the enemies, as everything just blends together with the background (and general darkness) as one big mush of dark gray and green. The horde and especially individual enemies just standing next to a wall of the same colour. Maybe that can be helped by adjusting the settings, but currently the game isn’t fluid enough for me to play much with settings.