Grudge-Raker Bash Screen Shake

The screen shake on the right-click for Bardin’s Grudge-Raker is a bit extreme (may be the same for Kruber’s shotgun, I honestly don’t remember XD). Just a suggestion to remove the jerky motion when you right-click. I use it mainly to crowd control or get back ammo in hordes and it’s a bit nauseating. I also can’t really think of a benefit to it.

In my pleb opinion, either removing it or tuning it down to almost nothing would just be an overall improvement in enjoyment of the weapon.

Cheers guys.

Edit - Also, why don’t enemies get staggered while they’re climbing / in their climbing or landing animation? Fatshark please.


I think they answered this in one stream or another. I don’t remember the specifics, but iirc it would require additional animations (and possibly other game resources) and would make holding ledges too strong. We already get free attacks against anything climbing up.

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I can get that. Just think they should get staggered when they get up. There’s a fairly long delay resulting in getting smacked in the face. Would also reward more “tactical” play? That may be a stretch lol Just annoying getting hit even though you’re smashing climbing enemies in the head with hammers and axes etc.

I think that enemies just need to get a small delay on their actions when they climb up or drop down. Now they just climb up immune to stagger, and the second they’re on the ground, boom, you’re hit. That’s especially annoying when fighting monks, cause they’re almost immune to stagger by themselves and always have fast animations.

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Ya that’s what I was going for. I just said it all dumb dumb like.

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