Animation Cancel Removed Makes the Thammer feel unfun

Animation cancel is what made the Thammer usable. It’s not fun to bonk something and then be completely defenseless and worthless for a couple of seconds. Either the animation cancel should be added back in or the stun delay should be brought in line to what the animation cancel was before.

For a game that’s struggling you guys should really be bringing the other weapons up to the ones that people think are fun and engaging rather than nerfing the popular weapons.

Please revert the animation cancel or remove the stun lock…


I know it makes the Crucis even worse as that was really it’s saving grace, does the new T Hammer have the same problem?

Yes it does. Not quite as big of an issue due to its special attack cleaving somewhat but that also brings its own problems like power bonuses making it pass through some elites without unloading.

God why do tbe devs hate T hammers so much. Someone at Fatshark wants Power Swords to be the only good power weapon.

If you cant beat them, join them! Played a 4 man vet damnation the other day and it was super smooth.

The powersword is just so boring though…just spam heavies and maybe push sometimes.

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Incorrect, you can also spam lights :^)

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I don’t really know why you would ever spam lights, except maybe if there’s only 1 target? Even if there’s a big boy in a horde I still use heavies to clear chaff.

Dont forget you have to activate it. Only truly elite gamers know this secret. Now you can count yourself among them. :sunglasses:

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